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Tips when buying a carpet through internet

At the time of buying a carpet for your home or office one many questions does not have an easy answer, and that is why inCarpets Malekian one of our goals is to advise them in a close and sincere so that your purchase is a success.

Now with new technology it is easier to learn a product and to purchase it from the couch at home. As we’ve been doing in ourphysical store for a long time , we want to help you find the perfect carpet for your home.

We want when you buy the carpet that you like satisfied stay with how it looks in your home, so it has the right to refund  if not had the desired effect when he got home.

  • What size should have a carpet?

The carpet should have a size in physical store Carpet Malekianrelation to the size of the area or room where will be placed. Measures of furniture, such as sofas, dining table, etc, give you areference the minimum that is required when choosing a carpet, the maximum total size of surface to be covered.

A carpet should not be small and not covering enough space nor should enmoquetar the area.

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  • What color is the best fit?

The combination of colors in oriental carpets is very diverse and very combinable. The carpet is another element of the decor, but in the case of handmade carpets their beautiful designs make them a very decorative pieces that do not have to be the same color as the rest of the decor .

As with clothing knowledge combine colors is personal and subjective , it depends on the taste of the host.

  • What quality and / or composition?

The handmade carpets have a work workmanship and design very difficult and complicated . His long manufacturing processes make the price of the raw material is easily manageable in the price of the total cost of the carpet.

Why come cheap rugs faces?

Only they use natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton and usually also stained with products of plant and mineral origin.Synthetic compounds are of low quality and offer comfort and durability very low and very high to get more dirt and washing maintenance worst.

  • Why is there such a price difference between carpets of the same design?

manufacture carpets
Oriental afghan rug cleaning have always been an object of desire for its beautiful designs, its elegance and good quality
. Many have copied these designs using low quality materials and mass production machines.

No copy ugly things or bad.

For this reason it is easy to find on the internet carpets with a similar design at a reduced price, but never of a good quality . In Carpet Malekian we seek and offer original carpets that meet all quality requirements and design we would like for our own home.

The price is something you should compare is very important, but whenever the two products offered are of the same quality and origin. Like any craft is subjective and sometimes depends on other market factors, such as small production or transportation charges and / or import tariffs.

  • Can I trust shopping through internet?

Our online store Carpet Malekian  is an extension of our physical store in Madrid, Serrano Street No. 3. Our open to the public store has been open at this location over 20 years , in which we put a lot of effort and sacrifice have extensive and nice stock for all our customers and friends.

Therefore we have decided to enter the digital age (How to buy online)  and closer to their homes with this new website. Thus, customers outside our town will be able to buy our carpets with the same safety and quality, but without moving to our facilities.


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