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If your doctor has sent you home with the premixed hCG injections for the Weight Loss Protocol, these tips can help with the automatic administration of your hCG injections.
  1. Pinching or pinching the skin and gently extracting it can provide distraction to the nerves, so the needle is not felt. Some prefer the rapid movement of shot, while others prefer the needle to slowly enter the skin and pressing through a smooth movement.
  2. They relax the muscles before the injection.
  3. Apply ice to numb the place before the injection.
  4. Rotate injection sites.
  5. Allow medications that have been refrigerated to reach room temperature before injection. Take the amount determined for your application in the syringe and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  6. Allow the alcohol that you apply on your skin to the air to dry before the injection.
Note: The following are general instructions on how to apply the injection, but always follow your doctor’s orders.
  • Pull back on the syringe slightly to check for blood in the syringe. If there is blood, reinsert the needle into another location. Inject the medication quickly or slowly – be more comfortable for you.
  • It is not abnormal to see a small amount of bleeding at the site of the injection. Direct pressure will stop the bleeding and prevent bruising of the skin. Slight swelling, redness, burning or itching is not uncommon and should yield little.
  • “Useful tip: allow alcohol to dry air before injections, it will burn less.”
Useful measurements and advice
1cc = 1 ml
iu = international units
hCG can be at room temperature for 48 hours, but should be refrigerated after that time.
The syringes for application of the hCG, the greater the number of indicators or diameter, the thinner the needle will be: for example, a needle of 21 indicators is thicker than one of 29. The recommended ones are 29, 30 & 31 of diameter. Visit http://www.hcgdietinfo.net/where-to-buy-injections-online-and-order-shots/


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