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The Internet of things comes to coffee machines

Specifically Quality Espresso presented in Hostelco 16 the Quality Espresso Link, a revolutionary system M2M (machine to machine) that allows you to connect remotely to coffee machines and obtain real – time valuable information on machines and consumption to owners and managers from the same.

A real example of the application of Internet of things in the coffee sector , and is the result of the alliance of the Catalan firm Quality Espresso with Vodafone, its technology provider.

So, thanks to Quality Espresso Link , owners and managers of singapore coffee machine rental, such as toasters, can obtain key data such as the number of cycles of coffee made, the kilos of consumed coffee, fault messages or the need to make the preventive maintenance of the machine. Also warns if the machine is moved from its location.

Thanks to Espresso Quality Link owners and managers of coffee machines can get datoscomo the number of cycles made coffee, the coffee consumed kilos, fault messages or the need for preventive maintenance of the machine

In this way, they can give a faster and more efficient service adapted to the needs of cafeterias, hotels and restaurants where the machines are located. “The system improves the service owners and operators of machines for establishments where they are and this, in turn, impact on better service to the end customer of the catering establishments , ” explains  Adam Giralt , commercial Director of Quality Espresso.

“Today more than ever, decision-making is key, and data for them are fundamental , ” says Giralt.“With the data provided by the system  Quality Espresso Link , a manager may know, for example, why one of its two facilities located in the same street sells 50% less”.

How does it work?
The system Quality Espresso Link works thanks to the GSM technology with a SIM card installed on the electronic board of each machine, which is responsible for transmitting all information to a data platform.

From there, each owner of the machines can access this information through any Internet-connected device (computer, tablet or smartphone). All machines are connected and generate information. Information that, with a series of algorithms can predict when it will spoil a particular piece and give notice of maintenance before it occurs.

The system, hosted in the cloud, does not use wifi to not depend on the end customer, but the SIM card that thanks to the agreement with Vodafone, can have the geol0calizadas machines and online in any art in the world.

The Quality Espresso Link is offered as an optional feature on electronic models of new production.For already installed and manufactured since 2000 machines, Quality Espresso offers a kit for easy installation.

Very good acceptance

Currently  Quality Espresso Link already in operation in Spain, where he is getting a very positive response from the market. The company is now working to expand marketing system in the domestic market while preparing its launch and distribution in 30 European countries.  The goal is to have, within three years, 15,000 machines connected. A second phase will involve the remote control of them.


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