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The integration of content marketing and SEO, a “must” for 2016

Today is not understood without an SEO strategy content strategy to support it , as it is presented as the logical next step after carrying out technical on-page optimization of a website. The same is true in reverse: of little use to perform a content strategy very powerful if around proper optimization and SEO strategy seconder is not done, so we can say that SEO and content and walk hand in hand.

What is a content strategy or marketing content ?

A content strategy or marketing content  is generating attractive and relevant inside or outside our web- order that our potential customers are attracted and decide topurchase our products or request our seo services bangkok contents.

This is not an advertising content with a focused sales message, content marketing goes further . Provides relevant data and information across different media formats Thus, the more specific and specialized the generated content, more number of potential customers get attract. It is important that it is quality content, but we must not forget the importance of proper distribution.

According to data published by the magazine IPMARK last June, 53% of users are more likely to buy a product they have read something on the Internet, but 70% of advertisers have no marketing strategy content.


Why is it so important in SEO marketing content and vice versa?

While it is obvious that SEO is a technique and discipline that defined content marketing itself, all technical and strategic SEO efforts aim to boost the visibility of the contents. Similarly, content strategies should aim at improving the organic positioning of the page. In fact, studies show that websites with integrated blogs reach up to 434% more pages indexed in the search engines, according to the blog SEMRush .

Is evidence that Google gives relevance to the texts that are optimized though around a strategy key- words are quality and natural, compared to the old strategy built onthe optimization of keywords or keyword stuffing, which today penalizes.  to meet our competitors is necessary to go a step further and complement our content using comparative tables, computer graphics, videos, etc., which add meta tags optimized around our positioning strategy, as alts , titles , etc.

For all this, in Kanlli we insist that the only way to ensure the success of content marketing is to apply SEO techniques in their implementation, because in this way we get a content strategy that boosts organic positioning of our customers, achieving greater visibility in search engines and in turn increased traffic and conversions on your website.

Content marketing, the great ally of quality link building

No less important is the big push for organic positioning means getting links from pages quality, ie the SEO off-site. The quality link building is shaping up as another SEO trends timeless so will continue to have a major role in 2016 l claim from SEMRush that you generate content – rich sites up to 97% more links.

If quality content is generated, valuable, useful, is much more likely to link us from third party sites , a form of linkbuilding natural that is the dream of any SEO . This type of link building is constructed by what Google calls “implicit links” that help build brand authority  and that can only be achieved through joint action of many people sharing our content or talking about him.

If you are interested in a SEO strategy that integrates with content marketing, contact Kanlli and our specialized team will develop a proposal tailored to your company.


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