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Xeosoft Featured Products

myXeo: The Complete Web Solution For Mac
Have you seen myXeo? myXeo makes puts you in control of your Internet Experience. Indluding over 200 Macintosh Internet applications, utilities, plug-ins and tutorials on six CD-ROMs, myXeo gives you everything you need to use the Web smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever, including free 56k dial-up web access using Mac Servers!
As featured on MacSurfer's News, MacObserver, MacFixIt and other great Mac sites!

Cyberdog Internet Productivity Suite
Your Best Friend on The Internet, Cyberdog offers Mac users a powerful suite of Internet tools, including a web browser, email, Telnet and FTP. Cyberdog is tightly integrated with the MacOS and is fully compatible with MacOS 9.
Since 1996, we've been instrumental in the advancement of Cyberdog technology. Today, our Cyberdog NetStation is the largest and most complete product-related Cyberdog resource on the web.

Our Cyberdog Pro 2000 CD includes tons of enhancements, updates and add-on software.

Bosco: Internet Software For Elementary Education
Bosco: The Internet Toolkit For Kids, gives teachers and younger students a safe and easy-to-use way to access learning resources on the web! Using Bosco, teachers can seamlessly integrate the vast learning resources of the web with daily learning, while also teaching even the youngest students how to use the Internet. NOW ON SALE!

InstantSpace Web Browser 1.0
The compact and complete web browser for your Mac! Our acclaimedFull support for modern web standards, yet fits on a floppy! Robust, Stable and incredibly slim! Also, Check out InstantSpace 2.0 - coming soon!

Our bi-monthly cd-rom for component software users and developers. Includes demo and freeware applciations, shareware, development tools, articles and tutorials on developing and using component software technologies.

OrbitPak 1 and OrbitPak 2
An essential collection of web-integrated applications for the Mac-based business. Perfect for home, SOHO, enterprise and higher education users. With thousands of users in 31 nations, OrbitPak is the world's best-selling compilation of component applications for the Mac. Featured on the Apple website and acclaimed by major Macintosh publications like MacWEEK, MacAddict, MacUser, MacWorld and others.

Get the latest on the technology behind our products. The OpenDoc component architecture provides a robust, stable solution for cross-platform development. Here. you'll find the most comprehensive collection of software, development tools and tutorials available anywhere on the web.
Also includes
OpenDoc Resources for Windows

Developer's Zone
News, information and downloads for developing and deploying OpenDoc and Java component applications for Macintosh, BeOS, Windows, AIX and OS/2 platforms.

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