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People Book 3 Apollo Edition
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Tired of bloated contact management applications that put "buzzword compliance" ahead of usability?

Thought so.

People Book 3 Apollo Edition is the perfect solution for managing all of your contact information in a sensible. small application that doesn't hog your RAM or demand a steep learning curve.

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3.0.1 Apollo Edition




people book is an address book with a very Mac-user-friendly and intuitive interface. It has all the features people need for everyday use, plus some more dedicated ones, designed to be as convenient to use as possible.


- Elegant interface (Screenshot)
- Grouping of people
- Printing of details, envelopes, labels and lists (
- Smart dialling
- Locations for dialling (
- Email/Internet automation
- Internationally compatible
- Quick filtering search
- Complex search
- Import/Export


- 68020 Processor
- MacOS 7.1 or higher, MacOS 8 or higher recommended.

© 1996-99 Amar Sagoo. Distributed under license.