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Our Affiliates & Partners
In order to better serve the growing community of Macintosh users, Apollo 2000 has formed development and/or marketing agreements with many of the leading firms in the Internet and technology marketplace. The following is a representative sampling of our alliances:

Amazon.com - Apollo 2000 operates its Mac BookStore as an affiliate of amazon.com, the world's largest online retailer of books, music and other merchandise.

Apple Computer - Apollo 2000 is a worldwide licensee of key Apple technologies and is a registered Apple Developer program member firm.

beseen.com - Apollo 2000 utilizes a variety of web tools developed by beseen.com, a service of LookSmart.

- Apollo 2000 operates its online software store (exclusive of Apollo 2000 products) as an affiliate of beyond.com. With thousands of Macintosh software titles to choose from, beyond.com is a leading online retailer of MacOS products.

Cyberian Outpost - Apollo 2000 offers MacOS systems and other hardware as an affiliate of Cyberian Outpost

IBM - Apollo 2000 is a registered IBM SOlutions Partner and licensee of the OpenDoc for Windows source code.

LinkExchange (Microsoft) - Apollo 2000 utilizes a variety of LinkExchange tools for website maintenance and promotion.

Microsoft Corporation
- Apollo 2000 is a licensee of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh, which is the foundation of the Apollo Online and InstantSpace browser products.

Netscape Communications - Apollo 2000 is an active Netscape development partner and a licensee of Netscape Navigator and Communicator for Macintosh.

Yahoo! - Apollo operates its Apollo 2000 Online User Community as an affiliate of Yahoo! and is an advertising partner.