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In Adobe Acrobat Format:

Learning OpenDoc
Cyberdog 2.0 Manual

Programmer's Guide

In QuickTime:
Cyberdog Demos
OpenDoc Demos

OrbitPak CD-ROM

OrbitPak - The Ultimate Productivity Solution
Now On Sale!
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Explore the limitless worlds of OrbitPak - the most extensive compilation of Mac-based component software applications ever assembled.

Since its initial release, OrbitPak has gained rapid recognition as one of the most valuable Mac software releases ever!

With active users in 31 nations representing consumers, educational institutions and businesses, OrbitPak is a must-have for any Mac user looking for a complete, customizable solution designed for document-centric computing.

Featured products highlight leading-edge technology from innovative developers dedicated to helping change the way you use your Mac.
OrbitPak represents the most powerful and wide-ranging collection of component software ever included on one CD-ROM.

What Is Component Software?

Imagine using your Mac so intuitively you can focus on your projects - not your application programs. With OrbitPak, you'll have a feature-rich palette of powerful tools that will immediately change the way you work with your computer.

Component software applications are smaller than the traditional monolithic, single purpose applications of yesterday's software.

Components are also tightly integrated and designed to work together to help you concentrate on your work. Components give you the power to mix and match software features to suit your needs. No opening and closing applications to get your project done. Just Mix and Match.

What Is Cyberdog?

Cyberdog is the component software-based Internet Connectivity suite developed by Apple Computer, Inc. Cyberdog provides unprecedented control and power in integrating the Internet into your MacOS computer.

The suite of components enable you to browse the World Wide Web, access news groups, access ftp, send and recieve E Mail and much more. You can even launch Internet sites from the Finder and within OpenDoc documents!

A Worldwide Cyberdog Licensee, Apollo 2000 provides complete user Support for Cyberdog users, including a telephone HelpLine, comprehensive documentation, an exclusive User Group and much more!

What's On The CD?

The full power of Component Software - on one CD-ROM. OrbitPak's unprecedented array of component software applications makes it a first in its class. Everything you need to truly change the way you work with your computer is available right now when you purchase OrbitPak.

Here's What On OrbitPak:

Wav 1.02
Digital Habor, LLC

The ultimate in word processing and Internet integration, WAV empowers you to create documents containing a virtually unlimited variety of data.
NOTE: WAV 1.02 is not compatible with MacOS 8.5 or higher.

Corda Technologies

Simply and easily create graphs that can be embedded inside other OpenDoc documents.

Corda Technologies

Simply and easily create tables that can be embedded inside other OpenDoc documents.

C-Text Box
Corda Technologies

Simply and easily create text fields that can be embedded inside other OpenDoc documents.

Rapid-I Button
Hutchings Software

Add extensive controls to your OpenDoc documents and applications. Rapid-I Button offers powerful solutions for document integration.

Dock 'Em
MetaMind Software

Eliminate the need for multiple applications for print and electronic, as well as presentations. Dock 'Em provides a potent solution for all three!

Kantara Internet Search Service
Kantara Development

Enables dynamic search capabilities with all major search engines, integrated with Cyberdog.

InstantSpace™ Launcher
Apollo 2000

Never use an online service again!

LEXI Spell-Checker
LEXI provides powerful spell-checking capabilities with any application using drag and drop.


Featured OrbitPak Software Demos:
Bosco: The Internet ToolKit For Kids
Canopy Outliner
Component Collection
Corda Live Objects (Link)
Nisus Writer 5.1.3 Demo
Rapid-I Button (Link)
WAV Trial Version (Includes Lexi Spell Checker)
WinMenu (Link)

In Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format:

Learning OpenDoc
Cyberdog 2.0 Manual
OpenDoc Business Proposition For Developers
OpenDoc Programmer's Guide

In QuickTime Format
Cyberdog Demos
OpenDoc Demos

How Much Does OrbitPak Cost?

Order now, and you can get a head-start in the component revolution. For the low introductory price of just US$99.95**, you get all of these titles on one CD-ROM.

Can I Download OrbitPak?

Due to the large volume of software titles included in OrbitPak, we currently plan to make this collection available via CD-ROM. We have no plans to make this product available for WWW or ftp download.

Who Do I Contact For Support?

Xeosoft administers sales and distribution/order fullfilment of the CD-ROM, each participating company will provide customer support for their respective software titles.

What's The Status Of OpenDoc?

As you may be aware, on March 14, 1997, Apple Computer and IBM - the companies who developed the OpenDoc component software architecture - announced the discontinuation of future funding for OpenDoc development. In Apple's case, that means that Apple will no longer handle the internal process of delivering updates, improves and fixes beyond the release of MacOS 8.
OpenDoc ships included in MacOS 8.5 and installs as a vital part of your system software.
It is fully compatible with MacOS 9.0.

What's The Future Of OpenDoc?

Although Apple has discontinued internal development of OpenDoc, various OpenDoc Network member firms are working collectively to secure the ability to continue development efforts. OpenDoc is currently installed on millions of MacOS-compatible computers and remains accessible to the majority of the over 31 million MacOS -compatible computers worldwide.

Most any Mac running on a 68030 or better processor can utilize the power of OpenDoc, and Xeosoft is convinced that this superior technology gives MacOS users more power for their software dollar than any other component architecture currently available.

* Non-refundable $7.95 charge added to all domestic and international orders.

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