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OpenDoc For Windows
About OpenDoc | OpenDoc: Shaping Tomorrow's Software
OpenDoc Developer Notes: OpenDoc 102 | OpenDoc 201
Developing OpenDoc Parts and Extensions
PartMeister: IBM Part Creation Tool
Download The OpenDoc Windows WorkBook
Download OpenDoc For Windows

Why OpenDoc?
With an emphasis on creation of slim software components ("Parts"); each designed to accomplish a specific task, OpenDoc applications can be mixed and matched in virtually unlimited combinations, enabling end-users the opportunity to create customized solutions according to their needs.

Although several factors contributed to Apple's 1997 decision to place OpenDoc into "maintenance mode" and suspending further development, OpenDoc remains an efficient, advanced and extendible solution for creating customized solutions for end-users,
educators and enterprise customers alike.

At Apollo 2000, many of our software solutions are based on continiung devlopment of OpenDoc-based solutions, and we are an official licensee of Cyberdog 2.0, the sophisticated and powerful Internet suite developed using OpenDoc technology. We also license
OpenDoc 1.2 for Windows from IBM and area registered IBM Solutions Provider.

For more information on OpenDoc technology,
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If you are a developer interested in deploying a customized component software solutions, take a look at
OpenDoc Network, an alliance of independent developers.

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