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OrbitPak CD-ROM | OpenDoc Library | OpenDoc Support

The Power of OpenDoc
With an emphasis on creation of slim software components ("Parts"); each designed to accomplish a specific task, OpenDoc applications can be mixed and matched in virtually unlimited combinations, enabling end-users the opportunity to create customized solutions according to their needs.

Although several factors contributed to Apple's 1997 decision to place OpenDoc into "maintenance mode" and suspending further development, OpenDoc remains an efficient, advanced and extendible solution for creating customized solutions for end-users,
educators and enterprise customers alike.

At Xeosoft, many of our software solutions are based on continiung devlopment of OpenDoc-based solutions, and we are an official licensee of Cyberdog 2.0, the sophisticated and powerful Internet suite developed using OpenDoc technology. We also license
OpenDoc for Windows from IBM and area registered IBM Solutions Provider.

For more information on OpenDoc technology,
Click Here.

If you are a developer interested in deploying a customized component software solutions, take a look at the
OpenDoc Network, an alliance of independent developers.

To learn more about our products,
Click Here.

OrbitPak CD-ROM
The world's best-selling CD-ROM compilation of OpenDoc software, OrbitPak features 21 complete MacOS applications at one low price.
Cyberdog 2.0
Your Best Friend on The Internet, Cyberdog offers Mac users a powerful suite of Internet tools, including a web browser, email, Telnet and FTP. Download It Now! OR, Order the new CYBERDOG PRO CD-ROM

Whether your an experienced or brand new user, our website contains a wealth of information that will help you get the most out of Cyberdog whenever you use the Internet.

Other Software For Cyberdog:

Apollo 2000 SiteGuider For Cyberdog
Apollo SpaceLog
Apple Applet Viewer
Apple OpenDoc Essentials 1.0.
Chronodog 1.0
CloseDoc 1.0
Connect Cyberdog To...
CONScript 1.0
Cyberdog Mail Trays Opener
Cyberdog Pro CD-ROM
Internet Plug-in Viewer
Jetpack Cyberdog Res Edit Resource
Kantara Internet Seach Service (Link)
NoteBook Export Service
OpenFile Service
OrbitPak CD-ROM
Rapid-I Bookmarks (Link)
Web Squirrel

More OpenDoc Downloads!
BBEdit Lite OpenDoc
Bosco: The Internet ToolKit For Kids
Canopy Outliner
CFM 68K Runtime Enabler
Cheaper Image OpenDoc
Colour Edit
Component Collection
Corda Live Objects (Link)
GX Magic
Nisus Writer 5.1.3 Demo
OpenDoc 1.2 For Windows
PartMeister For Windows
Ragtime (Link)
Rapid-I Button (Link)
WAV Trial Version (Includes Lexi Spell Checker)
WinMenu (Link)

In Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format:

Learning OpenDoc
Cyberdog 2.0 Manual
OpenDoc Business Proposition For Developers
OpenDoc Programmer's Guide

In QuickTime Format
Cyberdog Demos
OpenDoc Demos

OpenDoc andCyberdog are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Apollo is a worldwide licensee of Cyberdog and other Apple technologies. Other trademarks are property of the respective holders.