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Welcome to myXeo: The all-in-one, out of the box Mac Internet Solution.
SPECIAL: 6 CDs Free When You Sign Up For myXeo Internet at $14.95/mo

SixPak: Cool Mac Web Software
Featuring six Great Mac cd-roms, each jam-packed with best of class Macintosh Productivity Software - more than 200 applications, utilities, add-ons - you name it. We're not talking just a collection of shareware and demos, here, either. Each myXeo CD features powerful, easy-to-use software from Xeosoft and dozens of other Mac vendors.

Powerful Internet Productivity For Mac
With myXeo, you get everything you need to make your Internet Experience easier, more fun and more productive. We've included essential tools for browsing the web, FTP, email, Telnet, website composition and more. You'll also find cool applications for database management, document processng, and word processing.

In short, the myXeo SixPak is the biggest value in Internet software available today - and you can only get it here! The time you'll save purchasing myXeo rather than searching for and downloading the hundreds of included apps alone is worth the, but we've decided to sweeten the deal.

Insanely Great Web Access* Included
When you purchase the myXeo SixPak, you'll also receive great 56k Internet Access through Quadra.Net, the brand new, national Mac-based ISP. myXeo web access is available in hundreds of cities across the US and features the latest PowerMac Servers and Mac-friendly software.

* Basic Service is $14.95/mo with your myXeo Internet SixPak purchase.
Upgraded service levels are available.. This special offer is made exclusively via this site and is not valid with any other promotion.

Tremendous Specials and Exclusives
Finally, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of our special Membership offer, enabling you to save big on other great products from Xeosoft and others - you can even save big with exclusive deals on iMac!

If you're looking for a great collection of powerful, easy-to-use and virtually limitless Mac Internet Productivity - and insanely great Mac-based 56k access to the Web - all in one convenient and specially-priced package, get the myXeo SixPak Right Now!

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When you purchase at the
Xeosoft Store, your payment is safely held in escrow until your receipt of and satisfaction with the product is confirmed.