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Management programs for Photographers: Clicster increases your benefits

The management program for photographers Clicster is a gem that I found and burned with the desire to introduce you.

Imagine a photo  management software that allows you to:

– automate your sales

– automate your commercial efforts

– Automatically generate emails with your customers

– coordinate your agenda with your partners and collaborators

– create and automate the testing process that you have to teach your customers to decide the order

– make offers, contracts, orders, invoices, receipts, keep accounts, create apps for mobile devices ….

Is all that possible?

Yes, with Clicster you can do that and much more .

It is the photography business management program that I would have created if I knew how to do it.


In this article I am going to tell you some of the things you can do with this great management software for photographers and videographers

Of course, I have not told you, Clicster is also a perfect tool for managing videographers.

Maybe the first thing is to ask you why you need a management application for wedding photography services Singapore.

The answer is simple and you have heard or read it more than once:

You need to be an entrepreneur photographer and not just a photographer.


It is the management of the photography business where you get the information to reduce your costs, increase your prices and quickly and efficiently manage your photographer business.

In that sense Clicster perfectly fulfills these premises because it allows you to automate tedious processes that make the bottleneckand that make you waste time and money.

In addition Clister effectively manages your workflow in your business so that you will never forget to do something as each self project generates its own tasks without you having to intervene … as if by magic.

It’s like you had hired a super assistant who acts as manager and accountant.

In fact it is a complete project management tool that includes task management and collaborative calendar .


You already know in addition to being a photographer you have to be an entrepreneur. But nobody has taught you to be.

A good management program for photographers is the key to being a good entrepreneur even without training.

In this case Clicster does all the work for you to focus on producing photos and creating growth strategies.

This way you can increase your billing and reduce the time you dedicate to your business.


You can start with the free account and then decide what to do. You have 7 days to try Clicster in full, with all its functions.

After that time, if you do not update, you will return to the Lite account, which is very limited.


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