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About InstantSpace | Download | Support | Buy It!

InstantSpace - The Perfect Browser For Older Macs!

As the Internet has grown to become more popular and sophisticated, the size and features included in connectivity software has also grown. In fact, they've grown so much recently that the traditional web browser has been replaced by elaborate suites that sometimes grow to 20MB or more!

InstantSpace Explorer Edition represents a return to the traditional, "slim-client" approach to connectivity. Although the InstantSpace Explorer web browser offers full functionality, including support for common Internet protocols, we think you'll agree that InstantSpace Explorer Edition has been designed to provide Mac users with stable Internet connectivity in a slim package. Without the latest bells and whistles and all within 1.3 MB - small enought to fit on a floppy disk!

The InstantSpace Internet Suite

For Those Of You Who Want "Full-Buzzword Compliance"

One of the more intriguing aspects of InstantSpace Explorer Edition is that, while it functions well as a stand-alone browser, it's also included as part of the InstantSpace Internet Suite, our CD-ROM that delivers sophisticated connectivity tools specifically designed for Mac users.

The CD-ROM version of InstantSpace features the Explorer Edition, plus Apple's Cyberdog 2.0 connectivity suite, OpenDoc 1.2, QuickTime 3.0, a variety of popular Internet plug-ins compatible with both InstantSpace Explorer Edition and Cyberdog, OpenDoc components that extend the features of Cyberdog, tutorials on using component software; our own new Correspra™ Mail and News software, Microsoft's Intenet Connection Wizard; and a series of 15 InstantSpace Launchers designed to function like an "online service" on your desktop. The InstantSpace Launchers each provide embedded hotlinks to popular online areas taht can be accessed with either Apple's Cyberdog or the InstantSpace Explorer Edition.

To purchase the InstantSpace Internet Suite CD-ROM for $7.95 (US), please or visit our online store.