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Yantai Bai Department of Property Management Ltd.

     Yantai Bai Department of Property Management Ltd. was established in 2013. Is an independent legal personality of the professional property management company, the main business: asset leasing, property management, property consulting, cleaning services, domestic services, convention and exhibition services, housing intermediary services, exterior cleaning, etc., is a national three property qualification .
       Yantai Bai Department of Property Management Limited to rigorous, pragmatic, innovative, efficient entrepreneurial spirit and innovative cultural philosophy, the company rapid development, creating a remarkable performance, has become the model for the industry, in the minds of consumers, establish a "good reputation, excellent service, reliable" good image, has been praised by the community good. Currently the Department of Property Management Limited Bai major service management project for the Yantai Oriental International Business Center and Yantai Dongfang Industrial Park.
First, Yantai Oriental International Business Center
       Oriental International Business Center belong to apartment residential district, located 171 Jinsha River Road, the Yangtze River Road and Jinsha River Road interchange. The district north of the Yangtze River Road, west of the Jinsha River Road, Foley Hill Park, east of Yantai Development Zone sea agriculture bureau, has an excellent location and beautiful living, office environment. The total construction area of 133,276 square meters of residential, greening rate of 35%, the volume rate of 3.67, the project by the four high-rise north to south, the north is 1 #, 2 # Building by a subsidiary of the podium and the 32-story high-rise. South 3 # 4 # building the 28-story high-rise. House total units 1722.
Second, Yantai Dongfang Industrial Park
       East Industrial Park is located in Yantai Development Zone, Beijing Road (State Road 206) on the 8th, adjacent Qichexizhan, high-speed entrance, the Yangtze River Road, Dongyue, Foxconn, is made Yantai Oriental Stainless Steel Industrial Co., Ltd. invested two billion yuan to build a large industrial park The total area of about 1,000 acres, the building area of about 400,000 square meters. Yantai is currently the largest industrial estate in western lessors. Eastern Industrial Park officially foreign investment in 2008 and put into use, there are 68 corporate clients into the park, the occupancy rate reached 98 percent, many of whom Dongyue, Wanhua, LG, hi Star Electronics, Daewoo, Changyu, China's foreign transportation, CNOOC and other famous enterprises. East Industrial Park can be leased assets are listed as follows:
1, plant. Quantity: 36; Total area: 200,000 square meters; single-family area: 1000 square meters - 12,000 square meters; Parameters: height of about 11m, length 80m-130m range, wide 36m-100m range; supporting: water, electricity, road Wait.
2, apartment. Quantity: 1,600 rooms; Total area: 100,000 square meters; single area: 90 square meters, 40 square meters-ranging; Unit: Bedroom, Bedroom (a ladder two) and the like; supporting: built bathroom (water heater, toilet, wash basin), beds, cabinets and so on.
3, office. Quantity: about 50; Total area: 10,000 square meters; single area: 60 square meters - 2000 square meters range; configurations: water, electricity and refined decoration.
4, the venue. Quantity: 50 acres; Total area: 40,000 square meters; single area: 10 acres -20 acres of range; configurations: water, electricity.
       Over the years, friends in the community to support and help, Yantai Bai Department of Property Management Limited has been adhering to the customer first, service first purpose and dedication to customer service, and strive to create a good business and living environment for all customers in the service area. Bai Department on behalf of the property in this Oriental International Business Center and the East Industrial Park welcome all the friends come to visit.
Leasing Hotline: 15615083018 Mr. Zhang
                 Mr. Chen 15615083180
                 Mr. Sun 15615083019

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