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General manager of the 2015 New Year's Day speech

December 31, 2014

Law back Chunhui gradually, beginning Vientiane update
We bid farewell impressive 2014, ushered in a promising 2015. Whereby the Chinese New Year approaching, Eastern Industrial Group, to the new and old customers at home and abroad over the years the company focus on the Orient express my deep gratitude and support! To all employees for their hard work over the past year to extend my cordial greetings and deep respect! I wish everyone in the new year Gaschromic Cheung, healthy, happy and healthy families, good luck!
2014 is the year of the rapid development of the East company. Concentric with the staff of the company, the company in 2014 in various economic indicators have greater growth than in previous years with the company's development is entering a new upswing. Integrity create Albert! Faced with 15 years of solid operating performance, we hold a clear understanding and a more ambitious goal. The current Chinese market and international market has entered a virtuous interaction among 2015 will be a year full of opportunities and challenges! In the new year, oriental companies rely on a good business model, through the implementation of the diversification and modernization development strategy, will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow! Companies of all employees will continue to work hard towards this goal.
Eastern Company continues to adhere to its usual style, continuing its service concept, to create their own brands, to meet customer demand, the company staff jointly develop innovative spirit, fighting spirit, the various other sections of the company to grow and develop. On the road ahead, we still have difficulties, the company's development greater strides.
Finally, on behalf of the management company to you and Eastern employees, friends and the community as well as new and old customers happy holidays and good health, fun and good luck!

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