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Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group 25th anniversary celebration and gala events

November 22, 2013

November 18, 2013, Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner held in the banquet hall company, Yantai Oriental leadership, the staff total of more than 200 people gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group.
That night, in the school happy and peaceful atmosphere, Yantai Dongfang staff gathered together to welcome Yantai Dongfang 25 birthday. In celebration, deputy general manager of Yantai Dongfang 毕华杰 first took office, to tell you the company's 25 years have gone through ups and downs, and then by the deputy general manager of the project department staff 王美珍 Ankang giant lost money prize awarded, and called on everyone to learn together to carry forward This spirit. Subsequently, the three Group Vice President for the company's 25th anniversary, "I and businesses to grow," Essay Contest for outstanding works of award winners read their own works by, and share together with the company between them growth story. Celebration of the end, the Group Chairman Zhao Zhongbin made a speech on stage, fully affirmed the Yantai Oriental over the years has made brilliant achievements, but also on the company's staff for their hard efforts of highly praised and encouraged everyone to continue to struggle to achieve in the future greater achievements. Finally, the chairman made the exciting toast, we were all drinking, celebrate, wish Yantai Dongfang another cause, shine brightly!
After the celebration, the dinner we have a toast, accompanied by wine and music together spent Yantai Dongfang 25th anniversary celebrations of the time, the event will written memories of all Asians, but will become Asians to forge ahead, and then brilliant good starting point.

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