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Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group "Spring" Games successfully held

The evening of 16 January 2010 18:18 points, Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group "Spring" Fun Games stadium in the opening group. To provide playing opportunities for more employees, while enhancing the lively festive atmosphere, the Games in addition to traditional basketball, badminton, table tennis and tug of war of the four events, but also the addition of dumplings games and fun games.
Basketball court gongs and drums and cries of the audience after another, each team athletes rational use of tactics, obtained through close coordination nice pitching score again. Give the audience impressed by the joint team in the East, because the players come from different foreign companies, limited training time together, strength to face the Beijing Railway Hawks, in the case of a big deficit is still not give up every time rush offensive rebounds and opportunities, and fully demonstrated the Asian unity and hard work, the spirit of never admit defeat.
After two days of intense competition, the Games successful completion of all events, the Group General Manager 赵磊宣 cloth competition results:
Basketball champions: Shenyang Raptors
Asian basketball army: Beijing Iron Eagles
Tug of war contest winner teams: Beijing Iron Eagles
Tug of war contest army Asia: East Suns
Table tennis men's singles champion: East joint team Cui Lun rule
Table tennis women's singles champion: Shenyang Raptors Li Haiqiu
Badminton men's singles champion: Raptors Gao Shenyang
Badminton Women's Singles Champion: Shenyang Raptors Li Haiqiu
Dumplings championship team: East Suns
Fun Games champion team: East Suns

At the closing ceremony, the group leader for the winning unit awarded prizes, and encourage everyone to develop the courage to fight, the spirit of unity and cooperation of the stadium, the New Work Group!





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