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Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group "Spring" Games successfully held

April 29, 2011
February 2010 18:18 the evening of 6 points, Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group "Spring" Games opening victory in Group stadium!
During the game, all the players emotionally, strive first. After three days of intense competition, the Games successful completion of all events, the Group General Manager 赵磊宣 cloth Games competition results:
Basketball Championship Team: Yantai Suns
Basketball Best Player: Xu Liping, Zhao Lei, Jian Jia, Li Changhui
Best hard basketball award: Zhao Zhongkui
Tug of war contest winner team: Yantai Dongfang Team
Table tennis men's singles champion: Tang Bin
Badminton Women's Singles Champion: Xiao Jing
Badminton men's singles champion: Meng Gang
Men and women badminton mixed doubles champion: Zhang Xiaoyun, Zheng Zhangbin
Cadre Badminton Champion: Wangmei Zhen
Badminton doubles champion cadres Group: Wangmei Zhen, Liu Jixu
Basketball Shooting cadres group Best Performance Award: Zhou Haiyan
Match stimulate awareness of all employees fit and healthy, rich cultural life of leisure of workers. Finally, the group leader for all award winning staff, the successful conclusion of the Games!

The picture shows the opening ceremony of the basketball team all the players

The picture shows the wonderful struggle badminton players

Wind color picture shows the winning team tug of war

The picture shows the best fight award Beijing Orient Prosperity, general manager at the ball

Pictured during the fierce rivalry basketball championship

Pictured basketball kids for everyone to show

The picture shows the chairman for the best player award

Pictured Eastern Suns heroes

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