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Yantai Oriental 2011 awards ceremony concluded cum variety show success

February 1, 2012
Rabbit Phoenix old year, New Year dragon watched in delight. January 19, 2012, Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group in 2011 concluded awards ceremony was held in the company ballroom. At the meeting, general manager Zhao Lei made "expand business channels, innovative ideas, bold exploration, break the ice before the line ----- Yantai Dongfang Industrial Group 2011 work summary and the 2012 work" The report, a comprehensive summary of 2011 Group's overall business situation, and in 2012 focused on work plans.
Subsequently, Zhao Lei, general manager announced the 2011 excellent team and excellent staff recognition decision. Four outstanding team, six advanced cadres, 14 model employees, five and three outstanding new market development model was awarded the title of the year advanced. In the warm applause, the company chairman and general manager and the principal leaders prizes to the winners and posed for pictures.
"Splendid spinner" jubilant dance opened the Yantai Oriental New Year variety show prelude to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon Orient staff at the colorful show. A group of branch employees, "home" video clips, the combination of warm the hearts of all the Orientals. Shenyang company gongs Allegro "we talk about the truth" in lively language demonstrated excellent results the company achieved, won the audience bursts of applause; Taiyuan stage company "Stainless Light" will recite poetry combined with light art In promoting the oriental culture, but also lit more for the cause of hard work and enterprising oriental heart light. Entire party climax, "New Year", "Dream into paradise," "My Heart", "Dream Water", "Riverdance," "Girls," "Westward Journey 3" and other programs brings together elegant and beautiful dance, humorous sketches, gently smooth erhu solo, as we dedicate a visual feast of professional, refreshing.
Two and a half hour variety show came to an end in the "love each other," the dance and the audience warm applause. In the festive and peaceful atmosphere full of Asians farewell harvested in 2011, a more high morale to meet is full of challenges and hopes in 2012.






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