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Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. Shandong Oriental

Shandong Oriental Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., Yantai Oriental Stainless Steel Industrial Co., Ltd., Yantai Development Zone State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of a registered capital of one billion yuan. Shandong Province held a financing guarantee company business license.
Company organizational structure: Shareholders will be the highest authority of the company. The company board of directors, board of supervisors. Interesting company president, vice president, credit guarantees, Risk Review Department, the Finance Ministry and other departments. The company has a sound management system and strict risk monitoring system. Existing staff college education accounted for 90%. Intermediate titles of employees accounted for 60%, have a theoretical foundation in finance, national credit policy, banking, guarantee operational processes, financial accounting and related legal knowledge.
The operating philosophy: "honesty, win-win situation and serve the community, create future" to "legality, safety and profitability" as a criterion, establish a market-oriented prudent business model. In circulation as a starting point, industry-based, finance as a link, relying on guarantees platform, combined with the financial capital to effectively serve the local Yantai, small, and micro enterprises.
The company operating the range of: loan guarantees, bill acceptance guarantees, trade finance guarantees, project financing guarantees, letters of credit guarantees, litigation preservation guarantees, bid guarantees, advance payment guarantee, project performance guarantees, about the end of the payment as payment guarantees and other performance guarantee business, and financing guarantee business-related consulting, financial advisory and other intermediary services, in accordance with regulatory requirements, in order to invest its own funds.
Since its opening in July 2009, both in good times and bad, the company has always been a firm belief to overcome difficulties and prudent management, not instant success, does not participate in illegal, illegal business, strict self-discipline, in expanding business, and actively resolve bad clearance received . The role of reasonable risk management system and internal control mechanisms and professional resources, and constantly improve the complete, establish a sound management, risk control system to ensure the healthy development of guarantee business. After six years of unremitting efforts to build security companies, commercial banks, mutual guarantee financing platform for SMEs, has become a bank trust, business trust, regulators assured security company. In late November 2015, has accumulated in small and micro enterprises and other projects to provide credit guarantee nearly $ 2 billion, it has made some of the social effects and economic benefits.
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