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       Yantai Dongheng Real Estate Development Co., LTD, managed by Yantai Oriental Stainless Steel Industry Co.,LTD, is specialized in real estate development.

        Located in Beijing Road, ETDZ, Yantai, Yantai Dongheng mainly operates the business of real estate development and sales, property management, and housing decoration.  The developed programs are Shenyang Stainless Steel Park, Yantai Oriental Industrial Park, and Yantai Oriental Business Center etc. With the concept of “Leading Brand, Leading Reputation”, Yantai Dongheng Real Estate Development Co., LTD has enjoyed a high reputation from customers and local government. 

        Shenyang Huishan Dongtai Stainless Steel Industrial Park Program is an important period of Yantai Oriental’s development strategy in Northeast and also the first real estate program of Dongheng. This program started in May 17th, 2006 and finished in June, 2007. It’s the biggest stainless steel processing and marketing market in Northeast of China, and the estimated annual revenue is around 1.5 billion CNY. The using of this industrial park is a landmark of Dongheng’s development in Northeast of China. It plays an important role in improving Dongheng’s reputation and strategic development in Northeast of China.

        In October, 2006, Yantai oriental industrial program began. Followed with Shenyang Huishan Dongtai Stainless Steel Industrial Park, Yantai oriental industrial program is another essential point of Yantai oriental group. With The total investment of 675 million CNY, Oriental park takes over 180000 square meters, and its building area is around 132000 square meters. More importantly, oriental park forms a modern industrial park with stainless steel processing, other metal further processing and distribution services etc. It has estimated annual revenue over 10 billion CNY and is one of the largest steel processing park.

        Yantai Oriental Business Center Program

        Located in the address NO.128, Changjiang Road, ETDZ Yantai, Yantai Oriental Business Center Program has investment of 2500 million CNY. This program includes four separate buildings and has been finished in 2011. Now, it’s the largest commercial center in ETDZ, Yantai.

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