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       1) Our chairman’s expectation on education:
      - Making contribution to local education development,
      - Training more talents for society and our country;

       2) With the development of local economy, the desire in international education schools
            - Yantai ETDZ needs to improve local international education;
            - Yantai ETDZ needs certified international schools;
            - Good conditions for foreign investment.

        3) Cooperates with local government;

        1) Yantai Huasheng International Education Development Co.,LTD.
        2) Total Investment: 50 million USD (First investment 25 million USD, Second investment 25 million USD)

        1) Location: Cross Point of Jinshang Jiang Road and Tianshan Road in ETDZ, Yantai; 

        2) Area:  First period: 66,700 m² <2014.10> Second period: 66,700 m² <2015.12>

School Form:
        1) Foreigner School: Only for foreigners
        2) Chinese School (No nationality limited):
            - International Class: Over sea education after graduation  
            - Domestic class: Follow Chinese educational system.     

       1) International School:  
           - Elementary school, Junior high school, Senior high school (USA education curriculum, IB curriculum)
           - All foreign teachers

       2) Domestic School:  International class
           - Elementary, Junior high, Senior high, (USA education curriculum, IB curriculum)
           -  Both foreign and domestic teachers (Half to Half).

       3) Domestic School:  Chinese class: 
           - Elementary, Junior high, Senior high, (Chinese education curriculum, English training)
           - Mainly domestic teachers, part foreign teachers. 

       4) Kindergarten curriculum

Enrollment :
        1) First 5 years plan
          - International school 200 students 
          - Domestic school international class 300 students
          - Domestic school Chinese class: 1000 students   *class scale 20~25 students   *Does not include kindergarten students

        2) First 10 years plan
          - International school 400 students 
          - Domestic school international class 600 students,
- Domestic school Chinese class:2000 students *class scale 20~25 students *Does not include kindergarten students

Preparation and operation of school:
        1) Elementary school, Junior high school, Senior high school (- 2016.02)

            – Main Operation
              * Cooperated with foreign schools and related educational organization
              * Hire headmaster in IB curriculum and other school directors (IB related)
              * School curriculum research center (- 2015.07)

           – Details
              * Plans on foreign school cooperation, Plans on school directors (2014.12) 
              * Structure of school curriculum research center and related HR teachers (2015.01~03)
              * Hire school masters and directors(IB directors) (2015.3~4)
              * Hire teachers in curriculum research center(2015.4~6)
              * Elementary school, Junior high school, Senior high school teachers’ team finished (~2015.7). Starting period (2015.7~2016.2)
              * Teachers’ employment (2015.8~2016.2) 

        2) Kindergarten (~ 2016.02)

            - Main Operation
             * Cooperated with Korean Kindergarten (Include English training Curriculum)
           - Details
             * Investigation and Confirmation of curriculum

             * Confirm Kindergarten students and school scale

             * Finish facility design

             * Hire school masters and directors
             * Hire teachers in curriculum and other school employees
             * Finish preparation of school operation
             * Start all works
             * Hire teachers.

School License

        1) Get the Provincial License

            - Director of provincial international educational department visited us  (2014.9.29)

        2) Plan: Finish the process of auditing by provincial international educational department

School Building Plans
        1) Finish designing of school on Dec. 2014

        2) Auditing related designs by related departments from Jan. to Feb. 2015

        3) Start to build outside of school from Mar. to Sept. 2015

        4) Finish the inner buildings from Oct. to Dec. 2015

        5) Finish all buildings on Jan. 2016

        6) School opening on Mar. 2016

Huasheng International School Website: 

Aihua Bilingual School Website:

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