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         Yantai Oriental now focuses on its core industry, stainless steel processing and marketing. In the future, with the goal of Top 1 in China and leading steel supplier in world, Yantai oriental will continue to operate its steel business better and more professional.

         For Yantai Oriental, customers are our eternal foundation. Customers' satisfaction is the basic aim of our enterprise. Customers' recognition is the source of our achievements. Cherished with gratitude, we serve our customers with passion, respect, and honesty. In the stainless steel market, we take the demand of market as our guidance to adjust ourselves in the range of our services and products. Meanwhile, we wish that customers and the market could inspect us in management, technology, products and services etc. Respect for people and people-oriented are always our principle of development.

         Yantai Oriental protects our staff's lawful rights and interests, promises to offer our staff a relaxed and comfortable working environment and provides opportunities for everyone to give full play to their capacity and good career development. Most importantly, our employees have rights and chances to work in their specialty and related department to gain the eternal growth and development opportunities.

         Since the early development, Yantai Oriental experienced different periods to confirm our leading position in China. The motivation is to improve ourselves continuously, to expand our development space, to perfect our behavior and team cohesion. Furthermore, we pay more attention to improve our competence in management and market sales network to offer our customer the better service and better products.

         Yantai Oriental will continuously improve our core and competitive services and dedicates to provide customized steel products and related value-added services. In China, Yantai Oriental owns nationwide market selling network. All of our subsidiaries and branches concentrate on optimizing our service consciousness, promoting the market competitiveness and commercial value, so as to gain competitive advantage and finally get access to the rich returns.

        The company informatization directly affects the development capability, managerial hierarchy, and trade competitiveness. The improvement of informatization is closely linked with management. Through optimizing the informatization process, improving traditional management mode, and reducing management level, Yantai Oriental ensures the maximum efficiency. With keen investment insight and judgment, Yantai Oriental explores international development strategy to expand global market as an excellent stainless steel supplier and distributor.

        Due to inner desire and dreams, we are full of power and passion. Yantai Oriental strives to exceed ourselves in every aspect. With global perspective, professional business, and personalized service, we are making a whole new Oriental Stainless Steel Industry.

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