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        Shandong Oriental Financial Guarantee Co., LTD is invested by Yantai Oriental Stainless Steel Industry and local state-owned property management department. The registered capital is 100 million CNY and the business license is issued by Shandong province department.
        Company Structure: Board of shareholders is top authority. Also company has established board of directors and supervisors, and also has general manager, vice-general manager, credit guarantee department, venture evaluation department, financial departments etc. So, it has sound management system and strict venture control system. Now, over 90% of its employees are undergraduates and over 60% employees have middle level professional titles. All employees have learned about financial, state credit, banking, financial guarantee, financial accounting and related law.

        Company Belief:” Complete sincerity, Win-Win, Service Society, Bright Future”, Company Principle:”Lawful, Safety, Public Benefits”. Based on market needs, Shandong Oriental will start with circulation and industry, depend on the financial stage, cooperate with financial capital to service local small and micro companies.
        Business Scope: Loan guarantee, Bill acceptance of security, trade financing secured, project finance secured, letter of credit finance secured, Security of litigation preservation, bid guaranty, advance payment guarantee, construction performance security, final payment guarantee etc. Intermediary services related to guarantee business, such as financing consulting, financial consultant etc. Invest with own funds in accordance with regulations.

        Since July, 2009, experienced prosperity and adversity, Shandong Oriental insists on our own belief, prudent manages our business, does not involves in illegal business, and also positively cleans and transforms bad loan. Complete internal management system, good risk control mechanism, and professional teams help Shandong oriental improve our own management and risk control systems, which ensure the healthy development of guarantee business. After continuous 6 years operation with guarantee companies, commercial banks, and small enterprises, Shandong oriental became a reliable company with bank, customers and supervision department. Shandong oriental has achieved 2 billion CNY until Nov. 2015, which brought good reputations for small and micro companies.

Address:NO.8 Beijing Road, Economic Technology Development Zone, Yantai, China
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