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Xeosoft Download Center
Featured OpenDoc Software | Freeware and Demos | Extras | OpenDoc Support | (PDF) Reference Library

OpenDoc For Macintosh
OpenDoc lets you to concentrate on your work, not on your software! This free download includes the OpenDoc software architecture, enabling you to run any OpenDoc compliant-application compatible with MacOS 7.5.3 or higher. Please remember to download and run the OpenDoc installer before downloading and installing Cyberdog.
Get It Now! | Also See: OpenDoc 1.2 (Windows)

Apple OpenDoc Essentials 1.0.1
A must-have collection of OpenDoc parts from Apple.
Designed to help users add multiple media types to customized documents, OpenDoc Essentials includes parts for multimedia, text editing and more.
Get it Now!

QuickTime Demos:

OpenDoc Tutorials in QuickTime Video
Cyberdog Tutorials in QuickTime Video

Cyberdog 2.0
Your Best Friend on The Internet, Cyberdog offers Mac users a powerful suite of Internet tools, including a web browser, email, Telnet and FTP. Download It Now! .
Also, check out our new
CYBERDOG PRO 2000 CD-ROM, featuring updates, enhancements, plug-ins and tutorials. maximize your Macintosh Internet experience with Cyberdog Pro 2000.

Cyberdog ProPak
Download this free set of essential Cyberdog Tools from Apollo 2000. ProPak includes applets and scripts for automating many Cyberdog tasks. Cyberdog ProPak is also available on the Cyberdog Pro 2000 CD ROM
Coming March 3

Featured Cyberdog and OpenDoc Software
Applications listed in purple text are third-party products available for download from this site.

apolloii.com SiteGuider For Cyberdog
Free tool that provides Cyberdog users with easy access to the apolloii.com website.
apolloii.com SpaceLog
A massive collection of Cyberdog links to useful and popular Mac-oriented websites.
Apple Applet Viewer
Integrate Java applets into Cyberdog and other OpenDoc-aware documentations.
Chronodog 1.0
Synchronize time funtions in Cyberdog 2.0
CloseDoc 1.0
Quit OpenDoc documents. Helpful for first-time OpenDoc users.
Connect Cyberdog To...
Handy connection tool. Drop in Apple Menu Items to enable quick Cyberdog URL launch!
CONScript 1.0
Simple Cyberdog connection scripting.
Cyberdog Mail Trays Opener
Directly launch Cyberdog Mail Trays interface.
Cyberdog Pro 2000 CD-ROM
Internet Plug-in Viewer
Cyberdog library enables many popular Internet plug-ins.
Jetpack Cyberdog ResEdit Resource
Easily alter the Cyberdog interface. Requires familiarity with ResEdit.
Kantara Internet Seach Service (Link)
Cyberdog library enables simultaneous search of multiple search engines.
NoteBook Export Service
Easily export Cyberdog NoteBook resources to other browsers.
OpenFile Service
Open hard drive files using Cyberdog browser.
OrbitPak CD-ROM
Rapid-I Bookmarks (Link)
Full featured bookmark component for Cyberdog browser.
Web Squirrel
Comprehensive URL management tools for use with Cyberdog web browser.

More OpenDoc Downloads!

BBEdit Lite OpenDoc
OpenDoc version of popular text editing tool for development and webpage composition.
Bosco: The Internet ToolKit For Kids
Canopy Outliner
Create powerful outlines featuring virtually any file type.
CFM 68K Runtime Enabler
Run OpenDoc applications on older Macs.
Cheaper Image OpenDoc
OpenDoc version of simple, powerful image editor
Colour Edit
Color palette editor for use in OpenDoc documents
Component Collection
Large collection of OpenDoc demo applications featured on OrbitPak CD-ROM.
Corda Live Objects (Link)
Add text services, charting and table functions to OpenDoc documents.
GX Magic
Enables OpenDoc support for GX printing in system 7.6 and higher.
Nisus Writer 5.1.3 Demo
Full featured demo of powerful, OpenDoc-aware word processor.
OpenDoc 1.2 For Windows
Download the OpenDoc architecture for Windows, OS/2 and AIX platforms.
See also:
PartMeister For Windows
Ragtime (Link)
Sophisticated integrated document processing. OpenDoc support in Version 4.
Rapid-I Button (Link)
Easily create dynamic links to applications, files and functions. Incorporate with OpenDoc applications.
WAV Trial Version (Includes Lexi Spell Checker)
Integrated work processor built on OpenDoc. Reported comptibility issues with MacOS 8.1 and higher.
WinMenu (Link)
Easily navigate windows of all open OpenDoc documents.
OpenDoc Component Collection
Check out these fully-functioning demo versions of great OpenDoc-based Mac applications!
Package includes demos of Canopy Outliner, WAV, WebSquirrel, C-Table, Text Box and Graph and more.
Get It Now!

Bosco Multimedia Demo

Bosco: The Internet ToolKit For Kids makes using the Internet safe, easy and fun for kids grades K-8.
Download The Demo.

In Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format:
Learning OpenDoc
Getting Started With Cyberdog
Cyberdog 2.0 Manual
Cyberdog in Detail
OpenDoc Developer Clinic

More Internet Resources (PDF):

Apple and the Internet
How to be a Webmaster
Apple Internet Matrix
Internet Search
Connecting a Web Server
Compelling Reasons to Own a Macintosh
The Apple Internet Gateway
Business Advanatges of the MacOS
Why Peopler Prefer Mac
MacOS Internet Servers
How to Get Your Server Online
PC Satisfaction Survey
Mac and Small Business
Mac vs. Windows