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OpenDoc Developer Resources

Whether you're an expert or just beginning to develop a component-based solution for the Macintosh, our new Apollo DevPak CD is an essential tool chest that gives you everything you need to build and deploy your application faster and more efficiently.

Offered in conjunction with our
OpenDoc Network developers program, DevPak includes everything you need to build OpenDoc parts and editors, conversion tools for porting your existing Mac apps to the component architecture &endash; even tools for developing OpenDoc applications for Windows, OS/2 and AIX.

Best of all, since your DevPak purchase also includes ODN program membership, you will also have access to a wealth of marketing opportunities with Apollo 2000 and other component software developers, in-depth tutorials and much more.

For more information, please
click here.

To preview the ODN Development Clinic for OpenDoc developers, please follow this link:
Online Resources.

To order the Apollo DevPak CD-ROM and join the OpenDoc Network developers program now,
click here.

OpenDoc For Windows
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