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Cyberdog Software

Your Best Friend On The Internet
More than just a web browser, Cyberdog is a powerful suite of Internet components that allows you to browse the World Wide Web, receive and send e-mail, read articles from Usenet newsgroups, browse AppleTalk zones and servers, exchange files with FTP and log into other computers with Telnet.

Cyberdog provides tight integration between these components, with the MacOS and with other OpenDoc applications. Cyberdog also allows you to customize your use of the Internet.

Whether you're an experienced Cyberdog user or a newbie, we think you'll agree that Cyberdog continues to offer the maximum level of ease-of-use an customization available!

Our website contains a wealth of information that will help you get the most out of Cyberdog whenever you use the Internet.

Cyberdog 2.0
Download It Now! OR, Order our new CYBERDOG PRO 2000 CD-ROM, packed with updates, enhancements, plug-ins, add on software, tutorials and more.

Cyberdog Quick Facts
A great starting point for new users, includes a general overview of the features and benefits of using Cyberdog.

Introduction to Cyberdog
A complete, step-by-step instruction on installing, geting started with and using Cyberdog to access the Web, E Mail, Newsgroups, FTP and Telnet. Includes a comprehensive overview of the Internet .

In Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format:

Learning OpenDoc
Cyberdog 2.0 Manual

Using Cyberdog:

Cyberdog Support and Technical FAQ
Frequently asked questions, technical information and how-to's that will keep you informed on common Cyberdog issues.

Tutorials In QuickTime Format

Cyberdog FAQ
Frequently asked questions covering general Cyberdog topics.

Keep in touch with us regarding your Cyberdog experience. Since we distributed Cyberdog and have released a series of products featuring Cyberdog technology, we are always interested in your comments.

Using Cyberdog E Mail
A fact-filled tutorial that will help you manage your Cyberdog e-mail.

Working With CyberDocuments
Learn how to create customized Cyberdocuments that enable you to tailor Cyberdog to your specific Internet needs.
Download CloseDoc 1.0

Working With Plug-ins
Cyberdog supports many Internet plug-ins, such as RealAudio, Adobe Acrobat Reader, QuickTime and more. This tutorial will show you how to configure Cyberdog to use plug-ins.
Download the Cyberdog Internet Plug-in Viewer

Using Other Internet Services
Cyberdog provides the best integration of all Internet services in one application. Unlike typical browsers, which are built primarily to work with the World Wide Web, Cyberdog also includes client sofwtare for working with: AppleTalk Newsgroups FTP Gopher Telnet

Cyberdog and AppleTalk
Use Cyberdog to access AppleTalk networks, share files and launch applications.

Cyberdog Glossary
Get familiar with the terminology of Cyberdog and the Internet.
A must read for new users!

Learn how to solve some of the common issues that may arise when using Cyberdog.

Also Available from
Additional Cyberdog Components:
Apollo 2000 SiteGuider For Cyberdog
Apple Applet Viewer
Apple OpenDoc Essentials 1.0.
Chronodog 1.0
CloseDoc 1.0
Connect Cyberdog To...
CONScript 1.0
Cyberdog Mail Trays Opener
Cyberdog Pro CD-ROM
Internet Plug-in Viewer
Jetpack Cyberdog Res Edit Resource
NoteBook Export Service
OpenFile Service
OrbitPak CD-ROM
Web Squirrel

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Cyberdog is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Apollo 2000 is a worldwide licensee of Cyberdog and other Apple technologies.