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Essential CD Series For Component Software Users
Now Just $19.95 for a 6-CD Subscription!

If you're serious about developing MacOS and cross-platform component software applications &endash; or if you're an end-user who wants the latest news and information on trends in the emerging world of component software, CyberDoc is for you.

Every other month, myXeo Member Advantage members, registered OpenDoc Network developers and CyberDoc subscribers receive the CD via Priority Mail.

October Edition Now Shipping!

Featured in the March 2000 Edition:

  • How to Get The Most From Component Software
  • Latest Component Software News, everything from OpenDoc and Java to Active X.
  • Software Reviews on the Latest Releases
  • Happenings From Across the Mac Universe
  • Tons of software, including periodic feature releases of complete commercial applications.
  • How-to's and tutorials on Mac products
  • Mac Evangelism Essentials.

Or, to join myXeo Member Advantage and receive CyberDoc free, click here.