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The kitchen, the bedroom, the interior or interior decoration and the toilet take up a big place in our house; they allow us, for example, to beautify our home.Not to mention the bathroom or the shower. It also plays a great function for our health and for our pleasure. It is both a place of washing and a place where you can distress, shelter of peace and an island of relaxation. Everyone has their taste for the shapes and types of shower to install in their home.

The criteria in the planning of a shower are generally the following: the useful and rational particularity, the aesthetic or the artistic and the styling.

To improve our bathroom like a little paradise, we must think about providing a shower enclosure  to modernize it. There are several types in the market or spread on websites. You can see almost all the model by clicking on this link .

Here, on this page, you have not fallen by chance, you are lucky; we advise you to choose your shower enclosure.

The elements of the shower enclosure

For all types, they are in principle composed of the following element:

A receiver   that must be hard and strong to avoid the breakage and destruction of our shower. It is, in most cases, acrylic or ceramic

Walls: this partition completely protects our bathroom. It prevents precipitated water from not wasting around. It must be prefabricated in a hard element like an acrylic or a glass.

The door : it is a tool to enter and exit in the shower, it is manufactured in glass or aluminum according to the manufacturer and according to your taste. It can be sliding or rolling or according to your order.

Faucets: which are built-in devices of the cabin. They are used in the same way of the taps of your washbasin.  There are two types for use in the bathroom: mixer and mixer. A mixer is used to adjust the speed of the cold water drop even hot water. This tap is equipped with two separate levers; one is specialized in cold water and the other is hot water. In addition, the desired temperature is obtained by mixing the quantities of water carried by the two. The advantages of this type are that it is of little use and more economical.

In addition, the mixer is also a type of faucet a shower stall . There are two types of mixing valve: classic and thermostatic . The classic type is characterized by its unique handle. Currently, it is of little use compared to other faucets. For the second type, that is the thermostatic mixing valve, it is equipped with two adjustable levers: the first is used to regulate the flow of the water poured and the second for the temperature adjustment. It is indicated that it should not exceed 39 ° C to avoid damage such as burns. You can voluntarily stop the control when you get the desired temperature that must be poured constantly. It is more convenient for the old and the children but dissuaded if one uses the water heated by a water heater without protection product. Some mixers limit the flow to save water.

Summing up everything in one sentence. You are lucky reading our articles, we have detailed all about the shower cabins . It’s up to you to order, buy your favorite cabin here! Visit Drips n Drops


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