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The Ultimate Internet Access Suite For K-8!
Bosco Integrates The Internet With Daily Learning!

The Bosco Internet ToolKit For Kids is an Internet Connectivity Suite designed to help educators easily integrate the vast teaching resources of the Internet into daily K-8 classroom learning.

Bosco incorporates a full-featured Web Browser, full E-Mail and Newsgroup capabilities and much more. Bosco goes beyond traditional web browser software to make the Internet a friendly place for younger students, by incorporating features such as Lock and Protect URL access to prevent random web wanderings, a Child-Friendly Search Engine and more.

By using Bosco, educators can utilize the Internet in a completely new way by eliminating tedious searches for appropriate web content and bringing the online world right into the classroom in a way that's both fun and educational.

Bosco also includes a Let's Make A Web page, a terrific template-based software application that makes designing web pages as child friendly as Bosco's Lesson Plans.

A Powerful Internet Tool For Educators

Bosco makes it easy to integrate the vast teaching resources of the Internet with daily classroom curriculum. Using a unique Lesson Plan format, Bosco presents a series of Internet resources organized by curriculum topic. The Lesson Plans which ship pre-loaded with Bosco cover an immense variety of learning topics and include nearly 1000 Internet resources. Educators can easily create their own Lesson Plans by using the Bosco Cookbook, providing Lesson Plan templates and instructions on how to create a Lesson Plan with live links to Internet resources.

Intuitive Online Access For Younger Students

Bosco has been designed with the special needs of younger students in mind.

The interface features bold and fun graphics, easy to use controls and spoken word instructions that enhances each child's Internet experience.

The Bosco Lesson Plans contain a variety of topical and interesting live links to Internet sites dealing with a particular study area. A student has single-click access to these areas. There is virtually no learning curve and doesn't require knowledge of computer jargon or the Internet.

Bosco's simplicity and child-friendly design gives younger students a head start on learning about computers, the Internet and much more!

Special Features of The Bosco Internet ToolKit

Bosco For The MacOS is built on the latest software technologies and is compatible with both Java and Apple Computer's OpenDoc cross-platform component architecture. In addition to the exclusive Lesson Plan format, Bosco offers a rich feature set of Internet resources, including:

World Wide Web Browsing

• Supports current HTML specifications, including: in-line graphics, formats, tables, backgrounds and client-side maps • Displays graphics from Web pages without need for helper applications

• Support for Netscape plug-ins • A powerful Log retains visited WWW sites. • LinkLock enables educators to prevent random web wandering


• Fully stylized text, multimedia, graphics and live URL links can be included in E Mail • Mail handlers automatically sort and organize incoming and outgoing E Mail• Sophisticated search engine allows full E Mail text search • Supports multiple E Mail accounts.

 File Transfer and Gopher

• Access FTP and Gopher networks with a consistent and intuitive interface • Drag and drop to copy files from the Internet to your desktop • View files on FTP and Gopher sites without helper applications.

Protocols Supported

HTTP • HTML • FTP • Gopher • POP3/SMTP • NNTP • MIME • Telnet

Data Viewers Supported

Text • PICT picture files • JPEG picture files • GIF picture files • TIFF picture files • QuickTime movie files • QuickTime VR files • AU sound files • WAV sound files • AIFF sound files • Netscape Navigator plug-ins • Java •JavaScript • AppleScript

System Requirements: Macintosh or compatible computer with 68030 or higher processor, MacOS 7.5.3 or higher (8.5.1 recommended) 16MB of RAM or greater, MacOS Runtime For Java (included); OpenDoc 1.2 (included); Cyberdog 2.0 (included); OpenTransport 1.1 or higher (1.1 included); Internet connection via ISP or LAN network; CD-ROM drive.

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