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The Internet ToolKit For Kids!
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With Bosco, You Can!
If you're looking for a way to integrate the Internet with daily classroom learning, Bosco is the answer. Designed especially for children grades K-8, Bosco presents full-featured Internet software in a fun and easy-to-use format. Bosco's exclusive Lesson Plan builders include live Internet links to a wealth of online resources, all organized by curriculum topic and only a single mouse-click away.

Educators can use the Bosco CookBook to create new Lesson Plan components quickly and easily. Best of all, Bosco uses component software technology to bring an unlimited variety of resources - even Java™ applets- directly to your Mac. Combine information from the Internet with Bosco's other components ti build customized, sophisticated teaching tools. Here are additional applications that Work With Bosco

Here's A Typical Bosco Lesson Plan Interface

It's A Time Saver

Because Bosco provides you with dozens of Lesson Plan builders, long, tedious and random searches for appropriate child-friendly Internet content are obsolete. You can be online in minutes- actually using the Internet as a valuable teaching tool! Bosco includes everything you need to get started right away!

It's Child Friendly

Bosco represents a whole new way for children to use the Internet. The interface is bold, intuitive and fun. Plus, it's safe. Bosco's Internet Search Service For Kids uses only approved child-friendly search engines to find new resources.

It's Easy To Use

Bosco has been designed from the ground up to be a fun and intuitive way for younger children to use the Internet. Each Lesson Plan is organized by curriculum topic and each live Internet link is just a single click away. Friendly spoken-word online help gently guides even the youngest children through using the web.

For more information on Bosco, click here. To download a multimedia Bosco Demo, click here. And, to learn more about how teachers can use the Bosco Cookbook to create information-rich Lesson Plans, click here.


It's Powerful!
Since Bosco is built on OpenDoc component software technology, educators have the ability to add a rich set of features to any Bosco Lesson Plan. By simply using Macintosh Drag and Drop, you can incorporate unlimited types of information into your Lesson Plans.
Here are featured OpenDoc applications that work with Bosco:
Apollo 2000 SiteGuider For Cyberdog
Apollo SpaceLog
Apple Applet Viewer
Apple OpenDoc Essentials 1.0.
Chronodog 1.0
CloseDoc 1.0
Connect Cyberdog To...
CONScript 1.0
Cyberdog Mail Trays Opener
Cyberdog Pro CD-ROM
Internet Plug-in Viewer
Jetpack Cyberdog Res Edit Resource
Kantara Internet Seach Service (Link)
NoteBook Export Service
OpenFile Service
OrbitPak CD-ROM
Rapid-I Bookmarks (Link)
Web Squirrel

More OpenDoc Downloads!
BBEdit Lite OpenDoc
Bosco: The Internet ToolKit For Kids
Canopy Outliner
CFM 68K Runtime Enabler
Cheaper Image OpenDoc
Colour Edit
Component Collection
Corda Live Objects (Link)
GX Magic
Nisus Writer 5.1.3 Demo
OpenDoc 1.2 For Windows
PartMeister For Windows
Ragtime (Link)
Rapid-I Button (Link)
WAV Trial Version (Includes Lexi Spell Checker)
WinMenu (Link)

Integrate The 'Net With Your Classroom Curriculum!

The Bosco Cookbook lets you build your own customized, Internet-enabled Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans can include hotlinks, spoken-word instructions and much more!
Click Here to see how it works!

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There are many reasons why the Macintosh is far and away the dominant platform of choice in education today.
Combining power and simplicity, the Mac is the perfect solution for bringing adanced technology into the classroom.

At Xeosoft, we're 100% dedicated to providing Macintosh solutions for the classroom.
Our flagship product, Bosco: The Internet ToolKit For Kids is one example of how cutting-edge software
can expand the horizons of younger children.