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BlackBerry Enterprise Service Integration – that’s the BlackBerry enterprise platform

The BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) is a high security business platform that has been opening up over time. Now it allows to associate iOS and Android terminals.

The popularity of BlackBerry among companies is due to more than the comfort of your physical keyboard to write and send messages. The company’s business software has penetrated deep into corporations and SMEs throughout the world. The BlackBerry Enterprise Service ( BES )consists of a middleware platform that is installed on an operating system and allows communication with employees’ mobile devices.

The BlackBerry policy has been opened, allowing companies to choose their favorite programs and devices, offering compatibility with all of them as their adoption grows. Thus, BES can operate on business collaboration software such as Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus. The latest version of the platform also allows managing iOS or Android terminals .

BES works with BlackBerry data plans and communications go through its NOC (Network Operations Center, servers that act as intermediaries), which guarantees high protection in sending and receiving data . Email, calendars, contact diary, and other organizational applications are synchronized wirelessly, resulting in an instant connection between the BES server and the devices.

The platform guarantees that the company does not lose control of mobile devices with corporate information. All this data is linked to the BlackBerry network and can be managed by the IT department at any time no matter where the terminal is. In the same way, employees have remote access to their company’s files.

The new version BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 was the turning point that opened the service to the multiplatform (iOS and Android). At present, the 10.1 update is now available, which consolidates the integration of the two new operating systems, offering for these advantages such as the connection secured by firewall and dedicated corporate content.

Reconciling the professional environment and the staff

One of the stars of BES is the BlackBerry Balance software, which was big in the presentation of the company’s new operating system, it has actually been running since 2011. By then, the personal data mix had begun. corporate information and you could see BYOD coming. In the event of BB 10 , on January 30, CEO Thorsten Heins announced the arrival of this functionality to the new terminals Z10 and Q10.

The introduction as a consumer technology of BlackBerry Balance served to popularize the duality of environments in smartphones and to show its usefulness to the general public. It is one of the most praised features of the brand’s new terminals and has in fact created a trend. Samsung could not stop including in its Galaxy S4 a functionality that also separated the personal space of the professional.

For some time, the software was already integrated in the BES platform (specifically since version 5.0.3). Thanks to him IT managers in the companies could have control over the employees’ corporate resources on their mobile devices, while their personal information was beyond their reach. The service has been evolving and now allows restricting the access of third-party applications, such as social networks, or remote data erasure.

The focus on security

Fame precedes PGP Blackberry. Your safety is a widespread and widely assimilated quality. On what is it based? One of the strengths is its own network , which adds an additional element of security to the connections. The email, instant messages and other communications go through the NOC (Network Operations Center) of BlackBerry, which mediates the information.

With the BES platform, when a message arrives at a company’s server, it is compressed and encrypted with a 256-bit encryption key , using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) protocol. The BES server establishes a connection to the BlackBerry NOC, which guarantees bidirectional and authenticated communication. The message arrives at the center identified with the corresponding device, so that it can be sent to its destination.

After going through the BlackBerry firewall, the message is sent to the device through the corresponding operator. It is encrypted with a key that can only be deciphered by the receiving terminal , which decodes the information so that it appears as a new message in the inbox.

BES also offers the IT department the opportunity to control the information at all times. The separation between the personal and professional environment provides a solution to the security of corporate data and employee privacy. In order to prevent cases of loss or theft of the device, periodic backup copies of the files they contain are made. The service is associated with more than 500 security policies .

BES Modalities

There are several ways to use the platform. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is currently available for free for 60 days , from which the license must be purchased . Its main contribution is the possibility of hosting iOS and Android terminals under its umbrella.

The next option is BlackBerry Enterprise Service v5.0 , the version that BlackBerry offered mostly until the presentation of the 10. Although your bet has been dumped in the latter, the former remains fully operational. The following is the BES Express version , which offers a fairly complete functionality for free. While BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) offers a solution with the basic security functions and configuration of web mail, more focused on users than on companies.


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