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10 wearables and smartwatches compatible with iOS more attractive. And Android Wear?

The smartwatches and wearables have a lot to prove still . So far, some analysts estimate that barely sold a million and half of these devices. The initial enthusiasm is catching on among the generalpublic of consumer electronics.

Despite the cold reception of the market, manufacturers are still struggling to make many models, some more interesting than others. If we saw the best rivals in September with those who would have to see the faces the Apple Watch, today we look at 10 alternatives that work on iOS . Because, remember, not all current products work on this platform.

Activité Pop Withings Activité and

These two quantifiers watches are the most attractive in design I’ve seen in recent times. A flat area unadorned that saturate .According to tell us our fellow Engadget , its screen is touch and leather strap easily exchanged with other plastic. Great for when you want to dive and swim with him.

In the quantifier aspect, it syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. Through this connection, we can establish our daily objective activity, which is shown inside the watch dial as a percentage. The battery is what has always criticized this type of device, but this is a quantifier clock uses a button battery and just consume.

Swiss – made , its main drawback is the price of 390 euros. Hence Withings has created a Pop version with more content and materials , priced at $ 149.

Pebble and Pebble Steel smartwatch two versions of the oldest

It was February 2013 when Aitor told us his impressions when using a Pebble for the first time. Among its features they highlighted notifications and alerts, and you can manage iPhone music. With a pair of sensors (pedometer, accelerometer) and the ability to time and show who is calling us, the Pebble was the first devices to gain some traction .

Over the months its creators have been adding new features. Just one year later he was released the second version of its App Store  and this fitness smartbands Fit Shop Pro. The electronic ink display is what has always characterized this watch, which tried to take a little stigma ofgeek gadget with a version of steel and leather named Pebble Steel .

Of course, it is a design that appeals to an audience far side of technology.

Microsoft sneaks on stage with his Band

Although they declared their intention to enter the segment wearable months ago, nobody expected to do so as quickly . This quantifying band presented last October is capable of measuring steps, heart rate and distance traveled, and reflect alerts and notifications on your screen of 1.4 inches.

But the most interesting of this bracelet is the service that Microsoft has created to give value. Most developers have focused on creating a hardware with an accompanying app, forgetting the service side and answering the question “What do we do with this data?”. In the announcement of Microsoft Band see how they have chosen to show what you can do this device for us , something we have not seen in the Apple Watch.

Filip 2 is a smartwatch for small house

Sometimes parents worry about the day when their children have a phone or own smartphone. The Phil 2 may be the average perfect.This watch has an integrated phone to call and the ability to send messages to your contacts.

The most interesting thing is that this smart watch has a GPS with which have localized the tadpoles. As an addition, we will establish “safe areas” of which receive an alert if they go out. It also has an alarm button for emergencies. This is a watch I’m sure many elderly find interesting .

X Omate commitment to design low cost

In its second foray into the market smartwatch, Omate offers design minimalist aluminum with a battery of up to 7 days at a price of $ 129. It has sensors to measure daily activity , displays notifications on your screen and can answer calls thanks to the bluetooth 4.0 connection with our iPhone.

If this proves little, also we can install apps on this device . From Omate they have developed a proprietary operating system called Nucleus to make this possible.

Fitbit could not miss with 3 new devices

Last year  we analyzed the Fitbit Flex Applesfera  and a few months ago the company introduced the renewal of its linecompatible with iOS:

  • The Charge is a basic version that evolves built in what Fitbit Force. It incorporates an OLED screen where we can see the time as well as who is calling us by phone. They could not miss the traditional quantifiers sensors of physical activity. Its starting price is $ 129.
  • Charge HR is similar to the previous model but with the addition of a heart rate sensor, hence its name ( heart rate in English). Its price is also higher and remains at $ 149.
  • The Surge is the vision of smartwatch that has Fitbit. It has a strong resemblance with bracelets of the company but in this case has an LCD screen, GPS and a series of sensors that make it a more rounded product. Also more expensive, as its price is $ 249.

There are many other manufacturers who are thinking of creating your smart watch . Even Swiss watchmaking companies like  TAG Heuer have in their sights the creation of one . However, many details remain to be clarified such as compatibility with iOS.

Android Wear is the great absent in iOS

Many we liked the design of the Moto 360 and other watches developed with Android Wear operating system. Although Google has always tried to offer its services in iOS to a level comparable to its own platform level, it seems that this is over.

Android Wear in its second iteration and we have not heard from arrival to Apple’s mobile platform. Some argue that the strict rules of the company on the block is what is causing their absence. It may be attached to this not serve the current business model finder too.

How they could monetize their efforts if they have full access to our data? Seeing such astrong position that has Apple lately about privacy , it is something that could not be likely to change in the near future.

Whatever the reason is, the truth is that users would benefit us a lot of competition from Android Wear to the imminent launch of the Watch. A clock that some early adopters are already thinking about getting with him.


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