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Management programs for Photographers: Clicster increases your benefits

The management program for photographers Clicster is a gem that I found and burned with the desire to introduce you.

Imagine a photo  management software that allows you to:

– automate your sales

– automate your commercial efforts

– Automatically generate emails with your customers

– coordinate your agenda with your partners and collaborators

– create and automate the testing process that you have to teach your customers to decide the order

– make offers, contracts, orders, invoices, receipts, keep accounts, create apps for mobile devices ….

Is all that possible?

Yes, with Clicster you can do that and much more .

It is the photography business management program that I would have created if I knew how to do it.


In this article I am going to tell you some of the things you can do with this great management software for photographers and videographers

Of course, I have not told you, Clicster is also a perfect tool for managing videographers.

Maybe the first thing is to ask you why you need a management application for wedding photography services Singapore.

The answer is simple and you have heard or read it more than once:

You need to be an entrepreneur photographer and not just a photographer.


It is the management of the photography business where you get the information to reduce your costs, increase your prices and quickly and efficiently manage your photographer business.

In that sense Clicster perfectly fulfills these premises because it allows you to automate tedious processes that make the bottleneckand that make you waste time and money.

In addition Clister effectively manages your workflow in your business so that you will never forget to do something as each self project generates its own tasks without you having to intervene … as if by magic.

It’s like you had hired a super assistant who acts as manager and accountant.

In fact it is a complete project management tool that includes task management and collaborative calendar .


You already know in addition to being a photographer you have to be an entrepreneur. But nobody has taught you to be.

A good management program for photographers is the key to being a good entrepreneur even without training.

In this case Clicster does all the work for you to focus on producing photos and creating growth strategies.

This way you can increase your billing and reduce the time you dedicate to your business.


You can start with the free account and then decide what to do. You have 7 days to try Clicster in full, with all its functions.

After that time, if you do not update, you will return to the Lite account, which is very limited.

New version of BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0

This news will not leave anyone indifferent, especially if you like to be aware of your emails all day. BlackBerry® Internet Service is designed to access email and instant messaging, Internet browsing and much more. If you are a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) customer, you can now automatically receive email messages from up to ten email accounts on your BlackBerry smartphone.
BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 is the latest version of this application offered by RIM and does not need to download. BIS users should already notice the differences. Which?

For example, it gives you more updates of the Google Mail ™ enhancement plug-in for BlackBerry smartphones. Allows synchronization from the Google Mail account to the BlackBerry smartphone of read / unread status and sent items. It also includes creating and removing labels with the BlackBerry smartphone.

The Google Mail add-on requires BlackBerry® Device Software 4.5 or higher and a Google Mail integration, using GIMAP, in the BlackBerry Internet Service. If you have this version and still do not notice improvements in your Gmail, delete your email account at www.entelpcs.blackberry.com and reinstall it.

Also, BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 gives you greater support for attachments such as OpenDocument (.odp) presentations; OpenDocument spreadsheets (.ods); OpenDocument text (.odt); OpenDocument (.ott) and Windows Media® Audio (.wma) text templates

Third, it gives you the possibility to give an improved email configuration flow for HTML access, that is, it allows PGP Blackberry users to reclaim their email address if their BlackBerry Internet Service account is ever deleted. .


If your doctor has sent you home with the premixed hCG injections for the Weight Loss Protocol, these tips can help with the automatic administration of your hCG injections.
  1. Pinching or pinching the skin and gently extracting it can provide distraction to the nerves, so the needle is not felt. Some prefer the rapid movement of shot, while others prefer the needle to slowly enter the skin and pressing through a smooth movement.
  2. They relax the muscles before the injection.
  3. Apply ice to numb the place before the injection.
  4. Rotate injection sites.
  5. Allow medications that have been refrigerated to reach room temperature before injection. Take the amount determined for your application in the syringe and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  6. Allow the alcohol that you apply on your skin to the air to dry before the injection.
Note: The following are general instructions on how to apply the injection, but always follow your doctor’s orders.
  • Pull back on the syringe slightly to check for blood in the syringe. If there is blood, reinsert the needle into another location. Inject the medication quickly or slowly – be more comfortable for you.
  • It is not abnormal to see a small amount of bleeding at the site of the injection. Direct pressure will stop the bleeding and prevent bruising of the skin. Slight swelling, redness, burning or itching is not uncommon and should yield little.
  • “Useful tip: allow alcohol to dry air before injections, it will burn less.”
Useful measurements and advice
1cc = 1 ml
iu = international units
hCG can be at room temperature for 48 hours, but should be refrigerated after that time.
The syringes for application of the hCG, the greater the number of indicators or diameter, the thinner the needle will be: for example, a needle of 21 indicators is thicker than one of 29. The recommended ones are 29, 30 & 31 of diameter. Visit http://www.hcgdietinfo.net/where-to-buy-injections-online-and-order-shots/

Buy your shower box on the Internet, it’s here!

The kitchen, the bedroom, the interior or interior decoration and the toilet take up a big place in our house; they allow us, for example, to beautify our home.Not to mention the bathroom or the shower. It also plays a great function for our health and for our pleasure. It is both a place of washing and a place where you can distress, shelter of peace and an island of relaxation. Everyone has their taste for the shapes and types of shower to install in their home.

The criteria in the planning of a shower are generally the following: the useful and rational particularity, the aesthetic or the artistic and the styling.

To improve our bathroom like a little paradise, we must think about providing a shower enclosure  to modernize it. There are several types in the market or spread on websites. You can see almost all the model by clicking on this link .

Here, on this page, you have not fallen by chance, you are lucky; we advise you to choose your shower enclosure.

The elements of the shower enclosure

For all types, they are in principle composed of the following element:

A receiver   that must be hard and strong to avoid the breakage and destruction of our shower. It is, in most cases, acrylic or ceramic

Walls: this partition completely protects our bathroom. It prevents precipitated water from not wasting around. It must be prefabricated in a hard element like an acrylic or a glass.

The door : it is a tool to enter and exit in the shower, it is manufactured in glass or aluminum according to the manufacturer and according to your taste. It can be sliding or rolling or according to your order.

Faucets: which are built-in devices of the cabin. They are used in the same way of the taps of your washbasin.  There are two types for use in the bathroom: mixer and mixer. A mixer is used to adjust the speed of the cold water drop even hot water. This tap is equipped with two separate levers; one is specialized in cold water and the other is hot water. In addition, the desired temperature is obtained by mixing the quantities of water carried by the two. The advantages of this type are that it is of little use and more economical.

In addition, the mixer is also a type of faucet a shower stall . There are two types of mixing valve: classic and thermostatic . The classic type is characterized by its unique handle. Currently, it is of little use compared to other faucets. For the second type, that is the thermostatic mixing valve, it is equipped with two adjustable levers: the first is used to regulate the flow of the water poured and the second for the temperature adjustment. It is indicated that it should not exceed 39 ° C to avoid damage such as burns. You can voluntarily stop the control when you get the desired temperature that must be poured constantly. It is more convenient for the old and the children but dissuaded if one uses the water heated by a water heater without protection product. Some mixers limit the flow to save water.

Summing up everything in one sentence. You are lucky reading our articles, we have detailed all about the shower cabins . It’s up to you to order, buy your favorite cabin here! Visit Drips n Drops

BlackBerry Enterprise Service Integration – that’s the BlackBerry enterprise platform

The BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) is a high security business platform that has been opening up over time. Now it allows to associate iOS and Android terminals.

The popularity of BlackBerry among companies is due to more than the comfort of your physical keyboard to write and send messages. The company’s business software has penetrated deep into corporations and SMEs throughout the world. The BlackBerry Enterprise Service ( BES )consists of a middleware platform that is installed on an operating system and allows communication with employees’ mobile devices.

The BlackBerry policy has been opened, allowing companies to choose their favorite programs and devices, offering compatibility with all of them as their adoption grows. Thus, BES can operate on business collaboration software such as Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus. The latest version of the platform also allows managing iOS or Android terminals .

BES works with BlackBerry data plans and communications go through its NOC (Network Operations Center, servers that act as intermediaries), which guarantees high protection in sending and receiving data . Email, calendars, contact diary, and other organizational applications are synchronized wirelessly, resulting in an instant connection between the BES server and the devices.

The platform guarantees that the company does not lose control of mobile devices with corporate information. All this data is linked to the BlackBerry network and can be managed by the IT department at any time no matter where the terminal is. In the same way, employees have remote access to their company’s files.

The new version BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 was the turning point that opened the service to the multiplatform (iOS and Android). At present, the 10.1 update is now available, which consolidates the integration of the two new operating systems, offering for these advantages such as the connection secured by firewall and dedicated corporate content.

Reconciling the professional environment and the staff

One of the stars of BES is the BlackBerry Balance software, which was big in the presentation of the company’s new operating system, it has actually been running since 2011. By then, the personal data mix had begun. corporate information and you could see BYOD coming. In the event of BB 10 , on January 30, CEO Thorsten Heins announced the arrival of this functionality to the new terminals Z10 and Q10.

The introduction as a consumer technology of BlackBerry Balance served to popularize the duality of environments in smartphones and to show its usefulness to the general public. It is one of the most praised features of the brand’s new terminals and has in fact created a trend. Samsung could not stop including in its Galaxy S4 a functionality that also separated the personal space of the professional.

For some time, the software was already integrated in the BES platform (specifically since version 5.0.3). Thanks to him IT managers in the companies could have control over the employees’ corporate resources on their mobile devices, while their personal information was beyond their reach. The service has been evolving and now allows restricting the access of third-party applications, such as social networks, or remote data erasure.

The focus on security

Fame precedes PGP Blackberry. Your safety is a widespread and widely assimilated quality. On what is it based? One of the strengths is its own network , which adds an additional element of security to the connections. The email, instant messages and other communications go through the NOC (Network Operations Center) of BlackBerry, which mediates the information.

With the BES platform, when a message arrives at a company’s server, it is compressed and encrypted with a 256-bit encryption key , using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) protocol. The BES server establishes a connection to the BlackBerry NOC, which guarantees bidirectional and authenticated communication. The message arrives at the center identified with the corresponding device, so that it can be sent to its destination.

After going through the BlackBerry firewall, the message is sent to the device through the corresponding operator. It is encrypted with a key that can only be deciphered by the receiving terminal , which decodes the information so that it appears as a new message in the inbox.

BES also offers the IT department the opportunity to control the information at all times. The separation between the personal and professional environment provides a solution to the security of corporate data and employee privacy. In order to prevent cases of loss or theft of the device, periodic backup copies of the files they contain are made. The service is associated with more than 500 security policies .

BES Modalities

There are several ways to use the platform. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is currently available for free for 60 days , from which the license must be purchased . Its main contribution is the possibility of hosting iOS and Android terminals under its umbrella.

The next option is BlackBerry Enterprise Service v5.0 , the version that BlackBerry offered mostly until the presentation of the 10. Although your bet has been dumped in the latter, the former remains fully operational. The following is the BES Express version , which offers a fairly complete functionality for free. While BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) offers a solution with the basic security functions and configuration of web mail, more focused on users than on companies.

Internet’s Guide: What Is That Smell? How to Clean Your Pet’s Urine

According to Suite101.com:

“The smell of urine from pets can ruin the most beautiful of homes.What  makes it especially difficult to deal with that urine odor is that after only a few weeks, the unwary pet owner may develop an insensitivity to the smell, not realizing how offensive it really is for the visits of both family and friends.

The smell of urine from pets is more than a shame for the owners of the house.  If you are thinking of putting your house up for sale, the unpleasant smell will directly affect the sale price. “

If you have a pet, especially a dog, there is a high probability that you have already experienced a few urine accidents in your home. Hopefully he only had a few and now his adult dog is already fully educated and would not think of peeing inside.

But how about if you have a new puppy or an adult dog that you adopted and you have not been properly trained in the art of not messing your house?

The first thing I recommend is to buy a box and immediately begin training to tame your dog.

Prevent the Problem Before It Starts

The best way to prevent dog urine from ruining your home, the smell, the comfort and even the value of your home is to get a good workout with your canine companion.

For a detailed and enlightening discussion on how to prevent problems with your dog’s bath, box training, and other helpful tips to get your dog up in the right place, read my article on list 3 cat urine remover.

You will meet Meredith, a lost bitch who I rescued from the side of the road on the way to work one morning, and I followed her routine of peeing until she became a nearly perfectly educated bitch.

Most cats are very easy to handle because they instinctively look for surfaces that allow them to bury their waste. A litter box filled with a few inches of clean sand is all the encouragement that most kittens need in order to evacuate in the right place.

Do not Get Misconceived-Accidents Happen

Even after your puppy is completely domesticated / trained or your kitten already has experience using the litter box, if you are a pet owner, from time to time you will need to clean up any accidents.

Your dog might have a temporary episode of diarrhea or drink plenty of water and wait too long to be able to walk. Your cat may present a problem in the urinary tract and evacuate it out of its box, or even vomit a ball of hair.

Adult pets, like the elderly, occasionally have an accident of this nature.

The reality is that as long as you live with animals, as with children, you will have cleaning problems.

Once you have done your best to get your pet well educated, all that is left is to anticipate the occasional accident and have the materials needed to do a deep cleaning.

Cleaning Pet Urine Stains on Carpets and Rugs

Your dog’s urine is a combination of ammonia, bacteria, hormones, nitrogen and uric acid. Uric acid is the one that creates a persistent odor even after you have cleaned the stains. It can be especially powerful when the air is moist.

Because the sense of canine smell is one hundred times more potent than that of humans, it is important to remove any trace of smell from the urine. If you do not, your dog will likely return to the same place to do his / her needs – especially if he / she is not completely domesticated or walks too long outside to evacuate.

Follow these steps to thoroughly clean urine stains and odor on carpets and rugs:

  1. Use paper towels or other absorbent material, such as a cloth or cloth, to dry most of the urine.
  2. Pour clean water over the area and dry again the moisture with clean paper towels – Continue to dry until the yellow disappears.
  3. Apply a natural homemade cleaner (see below) or an enzyme-based preparation such as Nature’s Miracle or Urine Off and let it sit for the prescribed time.
  4. Use more paper towels to continue drying as much moisture as you can and let the stain dry with air – avoid walking on it while it is moist.

Depending on how long the urine has been there, you may need to repeat steps 3 and 4 at least once to remove all odor and yellow spots.

Suggestions for safe and natural urine cleaning products:

  • Combine one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts of water. Allow the mixture to sit in the area for five to ten minutes before the moisture dries.
  • Undiluted white vinegar. Soak the area thoroughly and let stand for a few minutes before drying.
  • Sodium bicarbonate. Cover the area with baking soda and let it sit for a few hours. Then suck.

Cleaning Other Pet Disasters

If your pet poops on the floor, you will probably and hopefully leave a solid, dry disaster, which you can clean easily with a napkin. For your peace of mind you will leave no trace on your carpet.

Or not.

In case you get a small stain on your carpet, wipe or dry gently with a damp paper towel or a clean, damp cloth, then do step 3 (and 4, if necessary).

If the disorder is more extensive, such as diarrhea or vomiting, first collect as much solid or semisolid material as possible by using something flat like a piece of cardboard and discard it. Try not to crush or water the clutter further during this process.

Then perform steps 2 through 4 above.

Other Additional Tips

If you prefer to purchase a cleaning solution for pet stains, there are many available at pet stores – some are even specific for cats or dogs.

Of course, do not make the mistake of using a regular carpet cleaning product that you have available instead of a specialized pet formula.

Products that are sold specifically for pet disasters contain bacteria and enzyme digesters that effectively eliminate stains and odors on both carpet and rugs, and without causing damage or discoloration to floor material.

If you first try something different on the stain, and then use a specialized formula for pets, you may not get the same result you could get with a pet product only.

No matter how bad the stain looks or smells when you discover it, do not use a brush or fiber to clean it, as this could quickly destroy the texture of your carpet or rug, and you do not need to brush it – trust me !

If you are patient and follow the above mentioned steps for stain removal, even if you have to repeat the process several times to remove the entire stain, there is a very good chance that the stain will not be noticeable after it has completely dried.

Even carpets and light colored carpets can get their natural color with a proper cleaning agent and good technique.

“You know a good gynecologist?” If not, there is a site on the Internet for it

Gyn & co wants to avoid “unhappy experiences in gynecological consultations” by listing “feminist” caregivers recommended by their patients.

On a feminist blog, a woman tells a gynecological consultation that turned to verbal abuse. The article circulates since Thursday October 29 on social networks. And is hard to read until the end. The blogger, who names the doctor, says she wants to file a complaint with the council of order.

On Twitter, he is advised a new site: midatlanticobgyn.com; co . In this database, which can be consulted geographically, according to the rate of reimbursement (CMU, sector 1, …) or needs (abortion, pregnancy monitoring, contraception, menopause …), midwives and gynecologists Feminists “are recommended by their patients via an online questionnaire.

“Pose of IUD to the nullipares”, “pluripartenariat friendly”, “examination à l’anglaise” or “quality of listening” are some of the qualifiers, speaking, which one finds there.

If there was already a site – friendly doctors , Gyn’amp, born in the spring – is the first to evaluate only caregivers who do gynecological consultations.

Gynecological maltreatment

The list is positive. But she speaks, hollow, of multiple negative experiences. We read on the homepage:

“Whether it is discrediting or discrediting, a lack of respect for the integrity of our bodies, a refusal to take account of our choices, even discrimination or violence. “

For the feminist collective behind the project, which he had presented for the first time in the fall of 2014 , “medicine remains a privileged space for the control of identities, bodies and sexualities”. The fact is not new, and Michel Foucault already said it with his concept of biopolitics .

But some recent scandals have brought it up to date, and in the media, there is increasing talk of “gynecological maltreatment” . After the Third Generation pills, the episiotomy or “the point of the husband,” or the superfluous vaginal touch, of which we learned, frightened, that some were  practiced without consent by the students.

Abortion, “dramatic act”

Gyn’amp concedes that “many caregivers work with talent, passion, listening and seek to evolve in dialogue with their patients”. But in particular, it points to the finger, in some cases:

  • The lack of dialogue and the violence of certain consultations;
  • Difficulties in accessing care for women with disabilities or foreign women;
  • Lack of information on the side effects of the pill and difficulty accessing the IUD, or voluntary sterilization;
  • The abortion, “still and always treated as a dramatic act”, neither conditional nor free;
  • Which would remain “a time when women are frequently denied autonomy and freedom of choice”.

Reliability questionable

Many women can only hope that this collaborative list is reliable. But, without falling into paranoia, we can already doubt it.

The only positive experience of a patient allows a physician to figure in it. While this can be followed by multiple negative experiences. On Twitter, a user speaks, for example, of a gynecologist who “almost traumatized” her, and who appears on Gyn’amp, co.

One can also wonder how the site will avoid the malicious gynecologists to defraud.

Then, the results of the questionnaires are not checked with the doctor. And can only be completed by other users in comments. There are almost all the gaps in the contributions: IUDs can very well be done with nulliparous women and pregnancy follow-ups, but this is not mentioned (the site warns of this).

Lastly, evaluation sites of this type must guarantee, according to the CNIL, a number of rights to the individuals that appear there: the right of access, but above all the right of rectification or opposition. The collective was asked if they were guaranteed. For the time being, he did not reply.

“I want to write down the patients! “

But, beyond the information, right or wrong, knowing that this type of evaluation exists can push the caregivers to evolve their practices, can we suppose.

For the blogger and gynecologist Martin Winckler , who is practicing in Canada, the Internet is generally changing the patient-doctor relationship :

“Before, the elites were considered to be morally infallible, but nowadays women do not just tell their bad or good experiences, they publish them. “

That said, caregivers, those we interviewed do not make much of their e-reputation. For example, Cécile Gardas, a gynecologist in Montauban, was told that she was on the list:

“It’s not something I pay attention to. I especially listen to the feedback of my patients. “

Others are downright critical, like Thierry Harvey, head of the maternity department of the Diaconesses (XIIth arrondissement of Paris), for whom:

“This kind of evaluation is very subjective. Some women will have a feeling with such a gynecologist, and not with another. A woman is going to want a very manly guy, another will feel comfortable with a guy who has a big part of femininity, or a female woman, or even a very masculine woman. “

The latter, even if he insists “not worry more than that” to be evaluated online, would like to have “a right of reply or modification”. The doctor, rather brings, ironizes: “I also want to note the patients! Even if we’re talking about a whitelist?

“Yes, because not to appear is to be on the black list, in a way. “

The same goes for Aly Abbara. Although he is webmaster of the website of the National College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of France ( CNGOF ), he says “against this kind of evaluation online”

“You can say anything on the Internet. It has no value. “

Choosing your gyneco, sensitive business

The same as word-of-mouth, could we say. Because ultimately, this kind of list is only the digital version of the gynecologists recommended by girlfriends or women of the family for generations.

“Internet or not, women have exchanged for a long time, in my opinion,” good “addresses or names to advise. The only difference is that the Internet allows this exchange on a larger scale and not personalized, “explains Lucile Ruault, doctoral student in sociology who worked on gynecology.

The choice of the gynecologist is generally more sensitive than that of another doctor, she adds. There are several reasons for this:

  • “Because gynecologists gain access to parts that are considered very intimate parts of the body. “
  • “Because women who consult gynecologists are generally healthy, so they are all the more demanding. Concretely, they will not be relieved of a pain and therefore consider their doctor as a savior.
  • “Because they are going to be followed all or almost their life by this doctor, because of being a woman. “
  • Martin Winckler adds: “Because women exercise their free will fully, not in disease. In gynecology we talk about life choices, contraception, whether or not we have a child, and so on. And we accept as much as the physician makes us remarks about our weight, our sexuality. For what is he mingling with? “

Feminist movements, with the claims of the right to abortion and contraception, took them for gynecologists target since the late 60s and have accelerated this trend.

Just like the Internet, helping patients to be aware of their rights. For Martin Winckler:

“Through the Internet, women know that they are no longer alone in being abused, that it is not” in their heads “. “

How to connect your Mac to an external display or projector via HDMI or VGA


In this entry we will tell you the different methods we have to connect a Mac computer to an external screen with cable, we will see the different connections that can have your Mac and the options of your monitor, television or projector.

How to connect your Mac to an external display wirelessly

As you know there are two alternative methods to the cable connection on the one hand the Apple TV will allow us to do streaming video, although we have tested on a Macbook Pro Retina 15 ” and an iMac 27 ” and quality Is not as expected. If that works well on other computers with lower screen resolution.

The second alternative to cable method is to use a server as Serviio few months ago we made a step by step tutorial .

How to connect your Mac to an external wired screen

The cables you may need to connect your Mac computer to an external display are:

  • HDMI to HDMI , you have a Macbook Pro Retina and your external display HDMI connection. Buy on Amazon for 5.49 € .
  • MiniDisplay Port or Thunderbolt to HDMI , your Mac will have the MiniDisplay Port or Thunderbolt connection if it is a more modern model and your external display has HDMI connection (most current televisions have one or more HDMI ports). Buy it at Amazon for € 10.99.
  • MiniDisplay Port or Thunderbolt to VGA , your Mac will have the MiniDisplay Port or Thunderbolt connection if it is a more modern model and your external display has VGA connection, very common in monitors few years ago and the standard of most Projectors of the market. Buy it at Amazon for € 29.95.

And are all available under the Amazon Basics brand with an unbeatable value for money:

In the following video we show you how you can connect your Mac computer to an external screen, in our case we have used a 15 “Macbook Pro Retina as it has a Minidisplay Port or Thunderbolt input and an HDMI port. The screen we used for the connection is a Samsung Smart TV with HDMI connection: +

What connection does my Mac have?

Your Mac computer can have more than one type of connection, it is common to have Thunderbolt or MiniDisplay Port, is a square port that requires a special cable. This cable will have the MiniDisplay Port connection at one end while the other may have HDMI or VGA, it is also common to see MiniDisplay Port adapters to VGA or HDMI so we would then have to buy the HDMI-HDMI cable or VGA- VGA, if we already have one of these is a good option but not always cheaper and also we will be using two cables (adapter and cable) instead of one.

To identify this connection … a picture is worth a thousand words:


The other option of connection that can carry your Mac computer is the HDMI , is an easily identifiable entry as it is present in most of the screens and televisions currently on the market. It is like this:


What connection does my external display, monitor, television or projector have?

The external screens have infinity of ports of entry, we will emphasize the used ones to connect a screen or projector to your Mac:

  • VGA : is well known but disused, has 15 pins and the photo is identified and is blue (in our case). This connection will require the cable to have VGA on one end and Mini Display Port on the other. It is complicated to find HDMI-VGA cables so if you have this connection it is better to buy an adapter.
  • DVI : very old and few computers have connection. You will no doubt have to buy a DVI to VGA adapter.
  • HDMI : is the modern standard connection, if your screen has this connector can use an HDMI-HDMI cable to your computer directly if a Macbook Pro Retina or a HDMI-Mini Display Port otherwise.


In the following links you can find the necessary products to connect your Mac to an external screen:

  • HDMI-HDMI Cable (male-male) Amazon Basics to 5.49 €
  • Port to HDMI Cable MiniDisplay on Amazon for 15.70 €
  • MiniDisplay Adapter Port to HDMI Amazon Basics to 10.99 €
  • MiniDisplay Adapter Port to VGA Amazon Basics for € 29.95  or Apple for 29 €

You also visit http://www.heimkinoleinwandtest.de/ for more info.

Salma Hayek Breaks Silence – Reveals In Interview Online The Incredible Secret Of Celebrities

For several months are circulating on the Internet a couple of products that are helping thousands of people to look younger. These products are so effective that they have become super famous, have appeared in countless TV shows, magazines and websites. It has been proven that this pair of products are safe and easy to use; Besides being very economic, within the reach of all.

During the decades of his career, we have witnessed the radiant and fresh skin of Salma and the reality is that in each film looks better and better. As it does?

The actress, producer and Mexican director and mother of a daughter, certainly surprised everyone by eliminating years of her face with the passage of time!

Continue reading if you want to find out what Salma has done to successfully regain decades of youthfulness on her face using Dr. Oz’s groundbreaking advice.

“My skin was smooth and beautiful when she was younger, and never before had wrinkle problems. I graduated from college without a wrinkle on my face. When I started working at a local corporate, I acquired some bad habits for example, I used sunblock daily, drank alcohol, and occasionally smoked.

As decades passed, my skin began to wither. The wrinkles appeared on my skin. I felt miserable and ashamed … When I went out with my friends, I felt insecure and constantly running to the bathroom to put on more makeup. I did not like to see my own reflection and I started to avoid the mirrors.

One day, I heard my husband refer to me as “Crone plum.” When I confronted him, he went too far saying “I was unfaithful you because you’re too old!” And After divorced my! This was a very painful and humiliating shock. Up to that point, no one had addressed the issue that my face had wrinkled and aged, and I was in denial.

Today, I am grateful for that comment because it motivated me. I knew I needed my skin and face to become healthy for me, and only for me. If I had not changed my way of life, I’m sure he was on his way to looking like an old, dry plum. I took a long, painful look in the mirror and I knew I had to do something quick!

This woman tried method after method with few or no results at all. He even considered plastic surgery but felt hesitant to go through the knife. It seemed that there was little hope until a few weeks ago, while watching a famous TV show , heard Salma Hayek reveal the secret for skin care of Dr. Oz.

He has reserved this secret technique only for famous clients who want to look 10 to 15 years younger quickly but are afraid of the potential risks of surgery or botox.

Here in Peoples Magazine we have been receiving many concerns about the transformation of wrinkles of our readers who decided to write an article on the results of Salma! Keep reading …

Dr. Oz had always kept this wrinkle secret reserved for his famous clients who pay very well … until now.

Salma Hayek said she felt it was her duty to let her fans know the truth. I was tired of hearing innumerable stories from her viewers about losing large amounts of money on expensive anti aging products, or dangerous plastic surgeries. As a result, a few weeks ago it revealed the simple solution that Dr. Oz had previously only shared with his famous clients … To all the people who were watching the program!

The great secret for skin care Dr. Oz is that after months and months of testing and research for skin, his team found two products that when combined literally eliminate 10 to 20 years of the appearance of women In just one month The surprising part is that they are 100% safe, and cost almost nothing! Solution “miracle” age reversal Dr. Oz is a combination duo key ingredients found in pilaten and Cream BellaVeì with Bella Vei Phytoceramides .

In conclusion, if you have a bit of doubts about the effects of these products, you need to test them; According to our own test the results are real. We at Peoples Magazine had our doubts when we started, but we quickly became believers. At the conclusion of our study we are very satisfied to see and to verify that there are many people obtaining success. Girls, we do not usually do this type of reporting because it is really full of bad products that promise to be the sensation and the latest in weight loss, but this is too good to keep you away from the public.

Coffeemakers 10 – Comparison of all models on the market online

If you have come to us it is because you are seriously considering buying a coffee or change the model you have so far.

Perhaps you had never considered how complicated it can be to acquire a coffee until you start to look at models and discover the number of variants and types of coffee machines on the market .

After searching the internet you discover that there espresso coffee, from capsules, Italian, of hidropresión … and you end up with a pounding head.

Do not worry, we work on this website to make your choice easier and you may have a little clearer than coffee model suits you more depending on your needs.

What kind of coffee to buy?

This is the main question you do when you decide to take the step to buy a coffee machine for home or office. You have already taken the first step is deciding to buy one.

But now what? What to buy all there in the market? And more importantly, what kind ?, I buy me a capsule ?, an automatic espress?

Well, here you have to step you take and decide what type of machine for coffee you’ll decant.

Great lovers are loyal defenders value espresso machine, either manual or automatic if your budget allows espresso. Others, however, after making the coffee capsule proven say there is nothing like it, cleaner, more comfortable and with the best flavor.

In coffee, as with everything, there’s nothing written and everyone has their tastes. The best thing to do is to try at home family model they have and decide which you like better and friends.

Still, let’s give a little reviewing each of the types of coffee that are on the market to have more clear what each.


Different types of coffee that can be found on the market:

  • Coffee capsules : We can say that is the last system arrived and that has stuck stronger in recent years.The revolution of the capsules is here to stay and there are few who have not been tempted to buy a capsule machine for testing. If you are thinking of buying a coffee maker surely you’re mulling this option.The most common is to opt for a Nespresso coffee or Dolce Gusto coffee , but there is more and we will teach you the.
  • Coffee espress : This type of domestic coffee machines are the closest thing we can find a good coffee bar. The coffee is achieved based pressure by a pump or steam, depending on the model you choose.Automatic coffee makers are the most expensive while the manuals are available at very competitive prices, albeit give a little more work than other models.
  • Drip Coffee Makers : These are the known coffee filter lifetime. They are old models but today still have their defenders and who like more the kind of coffee you get from these machines. A cleaner coffee is cosigue maintaining the essence of coffee flavor to be slower. The good thing about this type of system is that you can prepare several cups at a time.
  • Italian coffee maker : Another of the more traditional models and that still exist in time are the Italian coffee. They have the advantage that they are cheap coffee and you can get them for much less price than any other model. In addition, like the drip, with Moka coffee (as they are also known) you can make several coffees at once, can choose the size of coffee you want depending on the number of coffees you want to prepare.

Things to consider before buying a coffee

Well, you’ve seen the different types of coffee that exist in the market and what each one of them. Perhaps with this brief introduction you start to decide which model you’ll finally decide, but before taking the final step, a number of issues you should consider choosing a good coffee to leave you happy / a with your purchase .

To choose well you have to be clear on this aspect:

  • Extraction method: It is assumed that after reading our top section has already become clear how you coffee each of the existing methods is obtained. It is the first thing you have to know before you go ahead with your choice.
  • Price of coffee: Another aspect to keep in mind is to know how much it will cost to get every coffee. The method of such capsules is very tempting, but you must also take into account that it is probably also the most expensive coffee as you have to buy capsules ranging 0.40 cents each short time.
  • Ease of use: From useless to buy the best coffee in the world if it is then difficult to use or you find it a hassle every time you want to prepare one. It is more expensive or better something simpler but it quick and comfortable. Otherwise your coffee will end up as mere decorative ornament in your kitchen.
  • Cleaning: Another highlight is the ease of cleaning both the machine and the environment. To get a coffee if you have to machar average kitchen will happen the same as we said before, you will not use it .If the same way, every time you put a coffee you have to spend 10 minutes cleaning the coffee for proper maintenance, more of the same.

Where to buy cheap coffee and cheaply?

Well, we go to the final step. You’ve convinced you want a coffee and going to buy, but … where do I get the best price?

Well, there we are also to advise you. On the Internet there is so much information to help you choose a good coffee machine as hundreds of shops with good deals and promotions point you should know locate and seize every moment.

If there is a place where stores compete with each other to offer the best price that’s on Amazon. Unlike as many people think, Amazon is a great online store where anyone with an online store can to sell their products.

In the case of the sale of coffee in the competition is fierce Amazon, which makes it able to find better prices than in their own official stores where there is a set price and then not move.

So, if you want to buy coffee inexpensive brands at the best prices, look at the analysis of each of the models we have where we will show you the best price available at all times to make no mistake and spend more than necessary.

10 Services to create email accounts

In this post we are going to indicate to 10 services to create email accounts free .

We remind you once again that when we contract with any company access to the Internet, usually comes always included one or more email accounts for our own use.

But we said some time ago when we saw the email from your ISP and the tips on the use of email accounts , our advice was not to use these email accounts as our primary email , because if at some point we changed company, nothing uncommon thing these days, we ran out of that email.

And we can use electronic mail accounts outside our ISP, here is a list of 10 web sites that offer free email accounts.

These sites then we will offer free email appending accounts, although we are not customers and usually tend to work very well.

These first 4 email account we have already made several manuals employment, both to create accounts, to use the services, so I link to our collections where you will find all the manuals for each service.

  • Special Mail Hotmail , now Mail Outlook .
  • Special mail GMail .
  • Special mail Yahoo .
  • Courier AOL .

In the following links you can open a free email account easily, you enter it in the direction that I put and pulsáis where indicated, then follow the instructions that will appear us.

  • Terra , click onCreate Account.
  • LatinMail , click on Create my account .
  • Hispavista , seek paragraph New User and press the button Create free account .
  • TopMail , right’ll see the buttonGet your free account.
  • GMX , click on Register now .
  • Orange We pressed up in Mail .

Maybe in the future we can start preparing a manual to create and use some of these new email accounts.


We are currently very busy with work, children, shopping, running errands, make time for friends, visit family, etc., and all want to know the easiest, fastest and most effective way como aprender ingles facil. But: when we have time to sit down and learn a language? Check out some tips to learn English quickly and easily.

1. Spend a day tempo

First and being realistic, you have to dedicate time every week to study English, but they are few minutes a day. My advice to learn vocabulary is very easy. Look at point 2.

2. Learn English 4 words each morning

Every morning think four words in your language you do not know English and write in a notebook. Even before taking the coffee cup, used to look up the meaning of words in a dictionary or Internet English.These will be your vocabulary day. You have to repeat the words throughout the day. I take with you notebook in the car, purse, on your desk, always keep that hand! Easy – and only takes a few minutes a day.Learn English four new words a day for a total of 28 new words a week.And do not worry if you’re not absolutely sure you are using the words correctly, it is at least expose yourself to new vocabulary.

3. Are you a morning or night?

¿You work better at night or in the morning? You decide when you are better able to learn English easily, and select the time that best suits you.

4. Find your best way of learning

Usually a child learns surrounded by his mother tongue, he lives a language immersion and gradually, over the years, you learn different aspects of their language. Learn to read, write, listen and speak. Some things are easier than others, but all of them are very important. So to learn English quickly and easily, think how much you helped learn your own language; read, write and speak and try to remember what method you was easier. For example, if you looked easy to learn reading in school, try to find simple books in English to read and thus increases your confidence, your vocabulary and understanding. Or if you enjoyed with grammar, grammar make online activities with EF Inglés Live.

5. Look for guidelines to follow and learn English

For example in pronunciation as  ‘what, where, when’ , ‘the cat, sat on the mat’,  or the conjugation of verbs like  ‘go, going, gone’.  Go from the easy to the difficult, but sometimes it ‘s good to challenge yourself and try to express something more complicated will motivate you to learn even more. When learning vocabulary, associate the word with an image in your head. For example, to  ‘flower’  Imagine a beautiful plant togrow, while you can think of someone using ‘ flour’  to make bread. 

6. Study before each class English easily

My next tip is to research the topic of the next  class online English  orface . Impress your teacher / a knowing vocabulary or maybe you have found questions you want to perform. Try to log on the computer 10 minutes before class and prepare your head for English. Read about it in advance can help you prepare for class and allows you to express yourself better. Of course, our teachers EF and EF Inglés Inglés Live Centers are to help you understand and practice with you, but spend a little time before you prepare will do no harm.

7. Change of teachers in classes of EF and EF Inglés Inglés Live Centers

Speaking of accents, can you imagine talking only with teachers from America or Australia? I know some students feel comfortable with certain teachers or accents, but this may mean limiting your oral competition in the future. It’s a good idea to change teachers as you hear are the sounds in English worldwide.

8. Listen to what the others say classmates

During group class, some students lower the volume of his companions until it comes your turn to speak. It’s not a good idea! Listen to what others say. First, you can make mistakes and you also do both can learn when the teacher correct you. Second, English is universal. You have to get used to listen to people around the world. A French speaking English may sound different than a Chinese. English is the language of the world, so it is important to understand the variations.

9. Review the lesson and notes after each class

At the end of the class, do not forget to review the slides and vocabulary or reread the notes for corrections. If there are words you do not know, write and review them later. The next day writing tries to revise what you’ve learned or talking to someone about the class in English.

10. Watch movies or TV and listen to music in English

Seeks more opportunities to hear the language you’re learning. If you live in a country where English speaking channels are on TV, Tune in ! If you have to do some homework, leave the TV on in the background.Although you do not realize, your brain is absorbing the language. On the other hand, the Internet is very easy to see a movie as often as you want with subtitles to check the meaning with  Netflix . Or choose action movies in which the story is easier to understand. Then read a synopsis to see if you understand what happened. You can even try to write a review about the movie. English music, audiobooks or podcasts are also an excellent choice. You can do it in your spare time while clean at home or on the way to work. Even if you do not understand everything, you will be exposed to English and gradually you will develop your ability to understand.

11. Use the app for tablet EF and EF Inglés Inglés Live Centers

Mobile technology gives us the opportunity to overcome this deficit while turning the “downtime” in ” due time”. In my case, my tablet provides me access to three or four productive hours a week without sleep restárselas, family, etc. With my tablet, I can now do something useful while waiting for the bus, traveling by train or I finish the coffee after eating. If I have to wait about 30 minutes here or there between meetings, my tablet makes me easy to achieve something interesting and valuable without strain. In life there are many gaps that we can fill with useful tasks if the required technology is portable and is always available. So we made EF Inglés portable Live. The No. 1 goal of our Learning English has always been to find ways to make the processeasier and comfortable learning English online . So now, in addition to our new and improved content, simple level progression, and access to more group classes every day, EF and EF Inglés Inglés Live Centers it is now available for iPad® and Android tablets.

12. Meet fellow students in EF and EF Inglés Inglés Live Centers

Organize a moment every week in English. Remain to chat and talk but you can only speak English.

13. Pacta one hour a week with your family English

Or reach an agreement with your family for breakfast on Saturdays is your moment in English. So everyone will learn English and benefit from your classes!

14. Try to think in English

Possibly my favorite tip to learn English is to think in English. Yes, you heard me right, try to think in English. No matter how busy / a you are, before you do something you have to think, right? Why not think in English? Force yourself to do so. It will be difficult at first because the brain naturally want to think about your language. If you do not know how a word, write in the notebook that you carry with you hand in class or Ask her search for it is said. I know it might sound crazy (I think that’s why I like it so much), but trust me, it will help. also do it out loud, but not better in public, we do not want anyone to think that you’re going crazy / a.

15. Look weekly and monthly goals.

I like to sit every Sunday night and see what we have to finish the next week and complete at the end of the month. This is something that you also should do. Sit once a week and decide where you want to be the next week. Do you want to finish a lesson of unity? Perhaps, when you finish the month you would like to write about yourself / a at a higher level. When you have set your weekly and monthly goals, do everything you can to achieve them. Also sure to reward you!

I hope you’ve found useful any of these tips to learn English. Follow these tips, apply them every day and learn English quickly. Any exposure to English, whether it’s in your head, sort of like looking in a dictionary is beneficial and helps you to become fluent quickly. Finally, do not forget to congratulate you for what you’ve accomplished, and do not look only at what you have not achieved.

Tips when buying a carpet through internet

At the time of buying a carpet for your home or office one many questions does not have an easy answer, and that is why inCarpets Malekian one of our goals is to advise them in a close and sincere so that your purchase is a success.

Now with new technology it is easier to learn a product and to purchase it from the couch at home. As we’ve been doing in ourphysical store for a long time , we want to help you find the perfect carpet for your home.

We want when you buy the carpet that you like satisfied stay with how it looks in your home, so it has the right to refund  if not had the desired effect when he got home.

  • What size should have a carpet?

The carpet should have a size in physical store Carpet Malekianrelation to the size of the area or room where will be placed. Measures of furniture, such as sofas, dining table, etc, give you areference the minimum that is required when choosing a carpet, the maximum total size of surface to be covered.

A carpet should not be small and not covering enough space nor should enmoquetar the area.

(More in:  Where Can I put a carpet in my home? )

  • What color is the best fit?

The combination of colors in oriental carpets is very diverse and very combinable. The carpet is another element of the decor, but in the case of handmade carpets their beautiful designs make them a very decorative pieces that do not have to be the same color as the rest of the decor .

As with clothing knowledge combine colors is personal and subjective , it depends on the taste of the host.

  • What quality and / or composition?

The handmade carpets have a work workmanship and design very difficult and complicated . His long manufacturing processes make the price of the raw material is easily manageable in the price of the total cost of the carpet.

Why come cheap rugs faces?

Only they use natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton and usually also stained with products of plant and mineral origin.Synthetic compounds are of low quality and offer comfort and durability very low and very high to get more dirt and washing maintenance worst.

  • Why is there such a price difference between carpets of the same design?

manufacture carpets
Oriental afghan rug cleaning have always been an object of desire for its beautiful designs, its elegance and good quality
. Many have copied these designs using low quality materials and mass production machines.

No copy ugly things or bad.

For this reason it is easy to find on the internet carpets with a similar design at a reduced price, but never of a good quality . In Carpet Malekian we seek and offer original carpets that meet all quality requirements and design we would like for our own home.

The price is something you should compare is very important, but whenever the two products offered are of the same quality and origin. Like any craft is subjective and sometimes depends on other market factors, such as small production or transportation charges and / or import tariffs.

  • Can I trust shopping through internet?

Our online store Carpet Malekian  is an extension of our physical store in Madrid, Serrano Street No. 3. Our open to the public store has been open at this location over 20 years , in which we put a lot of effort and sacrifice have extensive and nice stock for all our customers and friends.

Therefore we have decided to enter the digital age (How to buy online)  and closer to their homes with this new website. Thus, customers outside our town will be able to buy our carpets with the same safety and quality, but without moving to our facilities.

The Internet of things comes to coffee machines

Specifically Quality Espresso presented in Hostelco 16 the Quality Espresso Link, a revolutionary system M2M (machine to machine) that allows you to connect remotely to coffee machines and obtain real – time valuable information on machines and consumption to owners and managers from the same.

A real example of the application of Internet of things in the coffee sector , and is the result of the alliance of the Catalan firm Quality Espresso with Vodafone, its technology provider.

So, thanks to Quality Espresso Link , owners and managers of singapore coffee machine rental, such as toasters, can obtain key data such as the number of cycles of coffee made, the kilos of consumed coffee, fault messages or the need to make the preventive maintenance of the machine. Also warns if the machine is moved from its location.

Thanks to Espresso Quality Link owners and managers of coffee machines can get datoscomo the number of cycles made coffee, the coffee consumed kilos, fault messages or the need for preventive maintenance of the machine

In this way, they can give a faster and more efficient service adapted to the needs of cafeterias, hotels and restaurants where the machines are located. “The system improves the service owners and operators of machines for establishments where they are and this, in turn, impact on better service to the end customer of the catering establishments , ” explains  Adam Giralt , commercial Director of Quality Espresso.

“Today more than ever, decision-making is key, and data for them are fundamental , ” says Giralt.“With the data provided by the system  Quality Espresso Link , a manager may know, for example, why one of its two facilities located in the same street sells 50% less”.

How does it work?
The system Quality Espresso Link works thanks to the GSM technology with a SIM card installed on the electronic board of each machine, which is responsible for transmitting all information to a data platform.

From there, each owner of the machines can access this information through any Internet-connected device (computer, tablet or smartphone). All machines are connected and generate information. Information that, with a series of algorithms can predict when it will spoil a particular piece and give notice of maintenance before it occurs.

The system, hosted in the cloud, does not use wifi to not depend on the end customer, but the SIM card that thanks to the agreement with Vodafone, can have the geol0calizadas machines and online in any art in the world.

The Quality Espresso Link is offered as an optional feature on electronic models of new production.For already installed and manufactured since 2000 machines, Quality Espresso offers a kit for easy installation.

Very good acceptance

Currently  Quality Espresso Link already in operation in Spain, where he is getting a very positive response from the market. The company is now working to expand marketing system in the domestic market while preparing its launch and distribution in 30 European countries.  The goal is to have, within three years, 15,000 machines connected. A second phase will involve the remote control of them.

Mayweather opens his fitness training to Internet users

Just 18 days of the expected battle between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, the expectation continues to rise among boxing fans worldwide rented.

As part of the marketing strategy of the megafight, the public can access live today, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the practice session boxers who will face next May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas . From 7:00 pm, Mayweather (47-0) will open the doors of the gym located on the famous Las Vegas for the press and the public to observe their training.


Hand trainer Freddy Roach acclaimed and ‘coach’ Justin Fortune, Pacquiao (02/05/57) trains in Los Angeles. Make your work track and field at the University of California (UCLA), and works his boxing strategy in the Wild Card gym. Training camp can be seen live tomorrow, Wednesday, at 6:00 pm.

“I was not exactly the strong part in the negotiations for this fight. I have not been the betting favorite for this match. And I have not been the favorite to win this fight by the media are covering it. The chances of this fight happen, five years after the first negotiation, were remote. And I love it. I love everything that is happening, “he said Philippine congressman also one of its inputs ‘blog’ in which he also talked about the fact not be the favored to win the victory.

“I like the idea of being the” underdog “because it has always you touched me be I won the fight. De La Hoya, Barrera, Ledwaba, all were considered to defeat me. Being the” weak “inspires me during training. Haber he won those fights gave hope and inspiration to those in need. it was a proof that someone like me who was born in poverty, who came from having nothing, can succeed despite the obstacles, with the help hard work and prayer. There will be the favorite has always driven me to achieve great things, “he added.

The Experts Speak

The company HBO Boxing today shared a series of short videos as a preamble to the documentary ‘Mayweather / Pacquao finally’. Production will last an hour and will be released on April 18, focused on the anticipation and pitfalls that occurred six years to materialize mourning.

The recording also presents the views of several personalities from the boxing world about the crash that already is considered as the best event pays to see of the decade.


Meanwhile, Philippine coach, Freddy Roach, also shared several entries “blog” in setting out the reasons why Mayweather will have serious problems in combat.

“Floyd is still an incredible athlete but is no longer the same fighter he used to be and he knows it. He said he wants to offer more action to fans to participate more, but is trying to cover up the real reason why his fighting style has changed: his legs have begun to betray. And believe me, he is aware of this and the fact that Manny’s legs are still at their best. It is a great disadvantage, both physically and mentally, I show against an opponent before facing him in the ring. Floyd can run all you want in training camp. will not be much help, “said the multiple winner of the award for best boxing trainer. Read more about fitness training here fitshoppro.com.

7 tips to become healthy programmer

You do not know what you have, until you lose it. This is a phrase we often hear many times in our life and we all know what it means. And it is that we often forget the context of that phrase, especially in regard to our health. Okay, it is that the office of programmer is not a job risk, but it is not without danger. Many programmers suffer from health problems, as we saw an article last week in which globalists possible diseases that can suffer if you dedicate yourself to this development. In this post I do not intend to lecture anyone, I just want to share with all of you a few tips to combat sedentary lifestyles and diseases related to office work . I just want to encourage stay healthy even if you have a calm employment such as the programmer.

If you currently do not like your physical appearance and suffer from any ailment arising from the fact of sitting and typing all day, I have to say that it is because of bad habits, a sedentary life, poor posture and, above all, a poor diet. in this series of tips that we made for you, we indicate what to do to counter this kind of life in your routine inserting small changes that will make you to feel healthier and above all, more productive . Because it is clear that a healthy and happy programmer performs much better than a programmer in bad shape. You can checn the review of the 3 week diet. Luckily, with very little effort you can change your current lifestyle with this series of tips:


Okay, I know it’s the most obvious tip of the list, but that does not mean that many developers we tend to forget or ignore. Exercising regularly is vital to keep physically fit. Nor need you to become the next Iron Man, but simply the fact of adding a routine that consists of performing a physical exercise every day, has a number of benefits that will keep you healthy , fit and focused on your working hours.

If you do not have time to practice when you get off work for personal reasons exercise, you can adapt it to other quehaceceres. For example, have you thought about if, instead of driving to work, you go by bicycle or on foot? This is a form of exercise that requires no effort (unless you live very far from your office) and provides multiple benefits to your long term health. Keeping the body fit and improve your health, makes you mentally tougher. This advice applies if your job is stressful or mentally demanding. It will help you unwind.


Sleep is something your body needs to recover from the previous day and stay fit. The body uses this downtime to reboot your brain and repair any damage suffered during the day. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep significantly increases concentration during the day, improves the immune system, and even improve memory .

I my thirties I realized that this is very important, and, as a good guy, I tend to go to bed early hours. But as a student programming and also in my time after twenty, I thought he was immortal and that sleep was cowardly. I used to stay up late watching any chorradita on my computer and I slept really late. Invoice thing happened to me when held in my workday, but not overreact. When I went and fulfilling years I’ve noticed that the higher you are, have less resilient to this kind of thing. As a tip, try to sleep 8 full hours daily. Your body will notice …


The position is very important in jobs that are sitting most of the day. Although you count with comfortable and ergonomic adjustable chairs and a desk, while not keep proper posture when developing code, you are exposed to suffer any back ailment. Studies have shown that sitting at a desk for long periods of time is not healthy for a variety of reasons. Some programmers try to solve this by using standing desks . If you have not heard of them, are just what the name suggests, desks where you work standing. And they are not very expensive.

If you do not go to this desk stand or your company do not consent, simply corrects your posture by following these guidelines:

  • Keep low chair with legs aligned to the axis of the chair.
  • Try to keep your knees apart. This will promote a more active stance and therefore strengthen our back
  • Make a curvature inverted pulling back chest forward. This may seem awkward and ridiculous in the beginning, it is very beneficial to our back because the fighting will be weight.
  • Get used to change position every 15 minutes, by sitting on the edge of the chair.
  • And last but not least important. Get up from the chair, approximately every two hours.


Caffeine is a great ally of programmers. Many of you already know my great passion for coffee. I usually control myself because otherwise you could be drinking coffee all day. And in that council it is based, in coffee but knowing that you are not dependent on him, but it is a great help to stay focused. I particularly took three coffees a day, one nothing out of bed, another mid-morning and after eating. Not me I usually take very large or very heavy, just enough to stay active all day. And believe me when I tell you that the day no coffee machine or has failed notice it very much.

Why not coffee and other energy drinks? Very simple, coffee, besides enchant your taste, it contains almost no calories unlike these drinks . Caffeine is only a molecule that interacts directly with the central nervous system. Help yourself caffeine and try not to be a slave to it.


Finding balance in life is not always easy. If you have a demanding job with a lot of responsibilities, being disconnected can become a difficult task. No matter what you do for a living, it is important to find a balance between work and your personal life .

Everyone needs a little time to unwind and relax. Distinguish between work and your personal life is vital to help recharge. One way or another, you must be able to spend time with your family without being distracted by work. Sidesteps the phone and do not you check email when you pass the time with friends and family. Believe me when I say it really helps to recover from the day and prepare for the next day.


Needless to say that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. That does not mean you can not enjoy an aperitif occasionally to stay away from the healthy lifestyle is always good to afford a whim. Just be aware of what you eat and when you eat . That simple act can make a big difference in your lifestyle.

Do you want to enjoy long nights of sleep? So it is important not to overeat before bedtime. If your body is still digesting dinner when you go to bed, you will not have much time to rest.


I firmly believe that there are times when it takes off, avoid the computer, turn off the phone and away from anything that smacks Internet. It is a wonderful feeling to leave your mobile at home and go for a walk in the woods or the park . Your mind will thank you .

And here the 7 tips for a healthy programmer. Do you have any advice but we have forgotten here? Do not forget to indicate it in the comments below.

10 wearables and smartwatches compatible with iOS more attractive. And Android Wear?

The smartwatches and wearables have a lot to prove still . So far, some analysts estimate that barely sold a million and half of these devices. The initial enthusiasm is catching on among the generalpublic of consumer electronics.

Despite the cold reception of the market, manufacturers are still struggling to make many models, some more interesting than others. If we saw the best rivals in September with those who would have to see the faces the Apple Watch, today we look at 10 alternatives that work on iOS . Because, remember, not all current products work on this platform.

Activité Pop Withings Activité and

These two quantifiers watches are the most attractive in design I’ve seen in recent times. A flat area unadorned that saturate .According to tell us our fellow Engadget , its screen is touch and leather strap easily exchanged with other plastic. Great for when you want to dive and swim with him.

In the quantifier aspect, it syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. Through this connection, we can establish our daily objective activity, which is shown inside the watch dial as a percentage. The battery is what has always criticized this type of device, but this is a quantifier clock uses a button battery and just consume.

Swiss – made , its main drawback is the price of 390 euros. Hence Withings has created a Pop version with more content and materials , priced at $ 149.

Pebble and Pebble Steel smartwatch two versions of the oldest

It was February 2013 when Aitor told us his impressions when using a Pebble for the first time. Among its features they highlighted notifications and alerts, and you can manage iPhone music. With a pair of sensors (pedometer, accelerometer) and the ability to time and show who is calling us, the Pebble was the first devices to gain some traction .

Over the months its creators have been adding new features. Just one year later he was released the second version of its App Store  and this fitness smartbands Fit Shop Pro. The electronic ink display is what has always characterized this watch, which tried to take a little stigma ofgeek gadget with a version of steel and leather named Pebble Steel .

Of course, it is a design that appeals to an audience far side of technology.

Microsoft sneaks on stage with his Band

Although they declared their intention to enter the segment wearable months ago, nobody expected to do so as quickly . This quantifying band presented last October is capable of measuring steps, heart rate and distance traveled, and reflect alerts and notifications on your screen of 1.4 inches.

But the most interesting of this bracelet is the service that Microsoft has created to give value. Most developers have focused on creating a hardware with an accompanying app, forgetting the service side and answering the question “What do we do with this data?”. In the announcement of Microsoft Band see how they have chosen to show what you can do this device for us , something we have not seen in the Apple Watch.

Filip 2 is a smartwatch for small house

Sometimes parents worry about the day when their children have a phone or own smartphone. The Phil 2 may be the average perfect.This watch has an integrated phone to call and the ability to send messages to your contacts.

The most interesting thing is that this smart watch has a GPS with which have localized the tadpoles. As an addition, we will establish “safe areas” of which receive an alert if they go out. It also has an alarm button for emergencies. This is a watch I’m sure many elderly find interesting .

X Omate commitment to design low cost

In its second foray into the market smartwatch, Omate offers design minimalist aluminum with a battery of up to 7 days at a price of $ 129. It has sensors to measure daily activity , displays notifications on your screen and can answer calls thanks to the bluetooth 4.0 connection with our iPhone.

If this proves little, also we can install apps on this device . From Omate they have developed a proprietary operating system called Nucleus to make this possible.

Fitbit could not miss with 3 new devices

Last year  we analyzed the Fitbit Flex Applesfera  and a few months ago the company introduced the renewal of its linecompatible with iOS:

  • The Charge is a basic version that evolves built in what Fitbit Force. It incorporates an OLED screen where we can see the time as well as who is calling us by phone. They could not miss the traditional quantifiers sensors of physical activity. Its starting price is $ 129.
  • Charge HR is similar to the previous model but with the addition of a heart rate sensor, hence its name ( heart rate in English). Its price is also higher and remains at $ 149.
  • The Surge is the vision of smartwatch that has Fitbit. It has a strong resemblance with bracelets of the company but in this case has an LCD screen, GPS and a series of sensors that make it a more rounded product. Also more expensive, as its price is $ 249.

There are many other manufacturers who are thinking of creating your smart watch . Even Swiss watchmaking companies like  TAG Heuer have in their sights the creation of one . However, many details remain to be clarified such as compatibility with iOS.

Android Wear is the great absent in iOS

Many we liked the design of the Moto 360 and other watches developed with Android Wear operating system. Although Google has always tried to offer its services in iOS to a level comparable to its own platform level, it seems that this is over.

Android Wear in its second iteration and we have not heard from arrival to Apple’s mobile platform. Some argue that the strict rules of the company on the block is what is causing their absence. It may be attached to this not serve the current business model finder too.

How they could monetize their efforts if they have full access to our data? Seeing such astrong position that has Apple lately about privacy , it is something that could not be likely to change in the near future.

Whatever the reason is, the truth is that users would benefit us a lot of competition from Android Wear to the imminent launch of the Watch. A clock that some early adopters are already thinking about getting with him.

The integration of content marketing and SEO, a “must” for 2016

Today is not understood without an SEO strategy content strategy to support it , as it is presented as the logical next step after carrying out technical on-page optimization of a website. The same is true in reverse: of little use to perform a content strategy very powerful if around proper optimization and SEO strategy seconder is not done, so we can say that SEO and content and walk hand in hand.

What is a content strategy or marketing content ?

A content strategy or marketing content  is generating attractive and relevant inside or outside our web- order that our potential customers are attracted and decide topurchase our products or request our seo services bangkok contents.

This is not an advertising content with a focused sales message, content marketing goes further . Provides relevant data and information across different media formats Thus, the more specific and specialized the generated content, more number of potential customers get attract. It is important that it is quality content, but we must not forget the importance of proper distribution.

According to data published by the magazine IPMARK last June, 53% of users are more likely to buy a product they have read something on the Internet, but 70% of advertisers have no marketing strategy content.


Why is it so important in SEO marketing content and vice versa?

While it is obvious that SEO is a technique and discipline that defined content marketing itself, all technical and strategic SEO efforts aim to boost the visibility of the contents. Similarly, content strategies should aim at improving the organic positioning of the page. In fact, studies show that websites with integrated blogs reach up to 434% more pages indexed in the search engines, according to the blog SEMRush .

Is evidence that Google gives relevance to the texts that are optimized though around a strategy key- words are quality and natural, compared to the old strategy built onthe optimization of keywords or keyword stuffing, which today penalizes.  to meet our competitors is necessary to go a step further and complement our content using comparative tables, computer graphics, videos, etc., which add meta tags optimized around our positioning strategy, as alts , titles , etc.

For all this, in Kanlli we insist that the only way to ensure the success of content marketing is to apply SEO techniques in their implementation, because in this way we get a content strategy that boosts organic positioning of our customers, achieving greater visibility in search engines and in turn increased traffic and conversions on your website.

Content marketing, the great ally of quality link building

No less important is the big push for organic positioning means getting links from pages quality, ie the SEO off-site. The quality link building is shaping up as another SEO trends timeless so will continue to have a major role in 2016 l claim from SEMRush that you generate content – rich sites up to 97% more links.

If quality content is generated, valuable, useful, is much more likely to link us from third party sites , a form of linkbuilding natural that is the dream of any SEO . This type of link building is constructed by what Google calls “implicit links” that help build brand authority  and that can only be achieved through joint action of many people sharing our content or talking about him.

If you are interested in a SEO strategy that integrates with content marketing, contact Kanlli and our specialized team will develop a proposal tailored to your company.

The quality of movies in internet

Films obtained before the premiere

They are copies of promotional use to members of couch tuner filming, film critics and members of academia. Such formats are usually available before the film is released in theaters. Although the quality is usually very high, comparable with that of a commercial DVD, the movie2k film can include messages, black and white scenes or scenes deleted in the final version.

The format  R5  is a non – promotional commercial version, but usually released before the rest of the world.


It is a commercial DVD Region 5 (See regional codes of the DVD ). The region 5 extends across most ofAfrica and much of Asia, including Russia and India.

The format  R5  differs from the other regions before being released because they do not have a subsequent image processing. This method is used by producers to compete with piracy in areas where piracy is common. The  R5  are not intended to be sold in other regions, but this does not prevent being distributed on the Internet.

As is the case with the format  Screener , if the player is in another language, the image is synchronized with an audio track from another source. These  R5  is added the label  LiNE  if the sound has been captured directly from an audio (eg, some cinemas have headphone jacks for hearing impaired).

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
R5 Good to very good (close to DVD) Good to very good (close to DVD) Very common

Screener (SCR)

It is a DVD or Blu-ray Disc promotional use. These discs contain messages stating that their use is promotional and sometimes include scenes in black and white, but their quality is often very similar to the commercial DVDs.

Sometimes the image is extracted from a promotional DVD in another language and then synchronized with the captured audio sound system of a 123 movie theater, like the format  Telesync , but the image quality is far superior to the latter. These  Screener  is added the label  LiNE .

Often the term is confused  Screener  with  Cam  or  Telesync  to think that is a recording made in a theater, but it is actually a high – quality format very similar to  DVDRip .

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
SCREENER, SCR, DVDSCR, DVDSCREENER, BDSCR Good to very good (close to DVD) Good to very good (close to DVD) Very common

Telecine (TC)

It is a copy made by a machine that transfers the putlocker movies from the analog roll, used by film projectors to digital format. Such releases are quite rare because the machines that convert are very expensive and large, although lately are becoming popular. The format  Telecine  has basically the same quality as a DVD, as this is the technique used by producers to digitize a movie DVD. However, the result is inferior since the analog rolls used by movie theaters are lower quality than the originals.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
TELECINE, CT Good to very good Good to very good Oddly enough

Workprint (WP)

It is a copy made of a version of a movie unfinished. For this reason you may have scenes without cuts or missing material appear in the final film. They may also lack the effects are added in post-production.

Some  Workprint  have a time index in a corner or the top edge, and in some cases, include a watermark.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
Workprint, WP Fair to good Fair to very good Very rare

Obtained films in cinemas

They are recordings made with a video camera in film. In this category are the formats with lower quality, but usually get Internet quickly after the release of the film. Sometimes, when recordings are made in pre-premiere screenings, the film can reach the Internet rather than in theaters.


Both the image and sound are recorded by a video camera. The image quality depends on many factors such as the quality of the camera or the angle from which it is recorded. In addition, the camera can record the shadows of the spectators when entering or leaving the cinema. On the other hand, the audio is recorded ambient sound film by the camera microphone. Sometimes whispers, laughs or coughs viewers hear, what makes the sound quality is poor. The low quality of this format makes it quite unpopular.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
CAM, CamRip Very bad to good Very bad regulate Quite common

Telesync (TS)

The image is recorded on film with a video camera, as in the format  Cam , but differs from this in that audio is captured directly from the sound of the room from the main system or through connectors special headphones for hearing dispacidad. Then you need to synchronize the audio and video in a single file. The fact capture the sound instead of recording it makes the quality increases considerably.Often they launch  Cam  are mislabeled as  Telesync .

In India, where most films come from Bollywood, hawking usual format movie  PDVD , also known as Pre-DVD . This format is a copy  Cam  or  Telesync  low quality recorded on a DVD. It is sometimes confused with the format  DVDRip  due to the similarity of the name.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
TELESYNC, TS, PDVD Very bad to good Good to very good Very common

Films obtained from commercial media

In this category are the best qualities. Sources are DVDs, VHS tapes and some others. These films require first has launched the original DVD (or VHS or corresponding source). Because launches usually differ in several months in different parts of the world, some variants are to copy the image of foreign DVD (eg released in Japan), and then add the audio or subtitle obtained from another source, in the language destination.

The types of digital sources and then analog sources (VHS) is first indicated.


It is an exact copy of the contents of a commercial DVD. In most cases the full contents of the original DVD. Sometimes when the DVD is released in format  DVD9  (8.5GB double layer), extra content such as additional languages or interviews with actors so it can be recorded in a deleted  DVD5  (4.7GB). Rarely instead of eliminating content is re-compressed video, reducing the quality and size.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
DVDFull, DVDR, Full-Rip Very good (DVD) Very good (DVD) Very common


The picture and sound are extracted from a commercial DVD or  DVDFull  and compressed using codecs that reduce their quality and size. The loss of quality can be almost imperceptible.

For image compression usually Xvid and DivX (increasingly popular) codecs used and the MP3 (stereo) or AC3 5.1 (surround) audio. image and sound is then stored in a single file, typically with AVI format. In the compression process it is intended that the size of the resulting file can be recorded on a CD (700MB), but are increasingly frequent rips greater than 1GB (typically 1.4 GB) size.

All contents of the DVD extras are eliminated although sometimes two audio tracks, the original version and the dubbed be included. In this case the label is added  DUAL .

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
DVDRIP Good to very good (close to DVD) Good to very good (close to DVD) The most common


It is very similar to the format  DVDRip . The main difference is that the picture and sound are extracted from a Blu-ray Disc, which makes the quality is slightly higher.

Increasing quality occurs because codecs have a higher quality source on which to perform the compression process compresión.El is the same as in  DVDRip , producing a video file size 700 MB or 1.4 GB which can contain several audio tracks.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
HDRip, BDRIP, BRRIP Very good Very good Common

Films obtained from television broadcasts

These are the series and / or anime that are recorded from television programs, also known as DVBRip to the general classification.

HDTV: High Definition Digital

Captured from a digital high definition broadcast. Quality: better than a DVD, 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Digital Signal DSRip

Catches from a satellite signal. The image is not as sharp as that of a HDTV capture, but also is very good

Or PDTV Satrip: Satellite digital

Captured from a digital broadcast (satellite). Quality: quasi-dvd.

TVrip: cable TV or air

Recorded from an analog broadcast TV.


Recorded from a broadcast digital terrestrial television, like DSRip.


Repack:  If a group has released a movie / series with some failure, will draw a new version that will call repack.
Nuked:  Not approved. Version that does not meet the rules ripping several groups have agreed together when recording a movie. Standards: tdx. There are many reasons, typical are:
Bad a / r:  Bad aspect ratio. Wrong aspect ratio. The image is higher or narrower than it should be.
Bad ivtc:  Inverse Telecine Wrong. Inverse Telecine process is to change the number of frames per second (fps, frames per second). To achieve higher compression, often reduce this amount to 23.976 fps, regarded in the industry as the minimum acceptable. Bad ivtc notes that this process was carried out with errors.
Proper:  The practice indicates that the first to publish a movie (usually cam or telesync) wins the race (achieves greater P2P broadcast media) and the second can not reach it . But if the quality of the first publication is low, another group will have the opportunity to publish an “appropriate” (proper) version of the same movie. The reason to take the proper version must be included in the NFO.
Limited:  A movie “limited” means that seen in less than 250 theaters in the US

Internal:  They are distributed on an “internal” for several reasons. Usually it is to recover old rips DVD (ie, they are duplicating a movie already published some time), or when the source is a recording of poor quality and do not want to nukee. The internals are not governed by the above standards (if internal, can put there any garbage).




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